Nox Bridge


Back in 2014, three Auckland friends (Stephanie Coote, Luke Hawkins-Belliss and Nelson Dilimi) set out to put New Zealand on the map for watch design. Those beautiful timepieces up there (and others from their launch range) are the result of three years of design and development.

This week, Steph, Luke and Nelson launched NOX-BRIDGE watches on Kickstarter.

Thanks to my father, his father, and his father’s father all being watchmakers, I know that a lynchpin part of a watch’s quality and longevity is its movement. I also know that watchmaking is an art, and that Japan produces some of the best watchmakers in the world. Nox Bridge respect the precision workings of a watch as much as the outward aesthetics, and have sourced a newly-released Japanese VH Sweep-Second movement for their watches. (Horologists, you might like to see more detail on the specs here. Also, I just wanted an excuse to say ‘Horologists’. Great word.)

Another big focus for NOX-BRIDGE has been sourcing beautiful quality and water resistant vegan leather straps. They’ve also spent many months perfecting the technology to make the straps waterproof, so water and sweat won’t soak in like it does in traditional leathers.

As always, design is in the details, so they’ve included things like intricate crown and ring engraving, a custom-made NOX arm (the second hand), small dials for day, date and 24-hr Greenwich Mean Time, quick-release straps (so you can buy different coloured straps and easily change up your #ootd), and dial hands that glow softly in the dark.

They’ve launched with two sizes, five different colourways, and a choice of gold, silver or rose gold cases. If you support the Kickstarter and pre-order a watch, you save something like $160 off the normal price.

Designed in New Zealand, made with premium quality workmanship in Japan… super nice Christmas gift for someone whose wrists you love. (By the way, they say that a lifetime-quality watch is the Male Engagement Ring… and we’re in engagement season… *winkyface*)

NOX-BRIDGE website / Support the Kickstarter (pre-order a watch) here / NOX-BRIDGE Instagram


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