No Wood Shavings in Sight

It’s the Christmas Hamper, reinvented. No wood shavings or cellophane (or worse, red cellophane! Abomination!) here – this is a contemporary hamper for people with great taste, designed by NZ’s premium purveyors of artisan food, Cook & Nelson.

Actually, the word hamper is misleading. What you’re getting (or, giving) here is a bespoke collection of individually crafted packages showcasing some of the world’s most sought-after speciality foods.
A perforated tab around the side of the box (LOVE that cobalt blue) slowly opens the parcel, to reveal a further ten brightly patterned boxes, each one adorned with a striking graphic pattern based on the flag of the city in which the enclosed product was created. So clever.

Hat tip to art director Noah Butcher of Butcher & Butcher for the graphic design, and ‘cardboard engineer’ Mat Bogust of Think Packaging, who came up with this very cool slow-reveal box concept, that gives each product its own deserved moment to be appreciated.

Available for pre-order at Cook & Nelson now.

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