New Zealand gets an Aesop Store – Designed by NZ architects Pattersons

New Zealand, we’ve officially unlocked a new Bonus level. We finally have our own Aesop concept store!
Around the world, Aesop collaborates with the best local architects to bring each store to life. For the New Zealand (Auckland) store, it was leading practice Patterson Associates who got the call.
Pattersons have designed something that is totally true to the worldwide Aesop brand, yet also feels like it could have grown up here in New Zealand. They’ve used materials – native rimu boarding, weathered galvanised steel, big trough-style wash tubs – reminiscent of the classic ‘washhouse’ out the back of the shed (who else had one of these at their place growing up – so many of us, right?) or at the quintessential kiwi bach. It’s uncomplicated and utilitarian and a little nostalgic, on purpose. I look at those taps and that big concrete sink and I can hear my mum yelling out to me and my sisters to “wash your hands before you come inside”. 
The shelving was designed to be somewhat reminiscent oven trays – a way to pay homage to the building’s original use as a commercial bakery.
To see more of the inspiring Aesop stores (there are 150 of them!), check out their new Taxonomy of Design website – dedicated to documenting their international fit-outs.
The New Zealand Aesop store is at 2-4 Osbourne Lane, Newmarket and carries the brand’s full range of skin, body and hair care products.

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