New Year Spaces!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack… and boy do I have a goodie for you. This loft apartment, designed by Mira
Eng-Goetz of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Don’t just scroll on by in that numb way we sometimes do, either –  this one deserves you to really pause and look at all the details…

Details like those amazing big windows, brick lintels and original timber ceilings that all date back to the very early 1900’s… and is that a piece of contemporary New Zealand design I spy?

Oh my goodness, that sink and countertop! (Side note for kitchen reno’ers: maximising storage in lower cabinets rather than upper cabinets will make your space feel larger)

Oh wow.

Wow, the sequel.

Photography by Aaron Leitz

I’m as inspired by the person who lives here as by the home itself – Pam Williams, a 74 year old retired public library director (and widow, who now volunteers with the city’s Art Museum). Clear proof that age doesn’t dictate taste level – I don’t even know you and I have a lady-crush on you, Pam.

I’ve always said I sort of hate wet-room style showers (no shower box), but I’d make an exception for this one –  the tiled bench seat and second hand-held shower head suggest this home owner likes sitting down in the shower, which is a life choice I co-sign.

Cute linen bedhead, cute custom cabinetry, cute sphere handles.

These handsome heritage bathrooms (in this amazing home) caught my eye this week. Details like the bronze tapware, beadboard panelling on the ceiling, and that fatty fat marble countertop with dupont profile edge (delicious!) ramps up the stately feel.

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