Aalto X The New Moodboard: Youth + Beauty


Ever wanted to have a baby just for the opportunity to decorate a little person’s bedroom and buy cute clothes? Just me then. If I was expecting, I’d paint my nursery grey. It’s contemporary, gender neutral, and also creates a serene, calming space for sleeping and nursing. It’s also the sort of colour they can grow up with, working just as well at two as it will at twelve.

Evocative – from our partners at Aalto Paint – is perfect for a little’s room.

Evocative is quite a sophisticated, elegant hue, but because it’s a more of a greige (a beige-like grey) it doesn’t feel cold. In fact, even though it’s modern and a little moody, it somehow manages to still feel both warm and soft. Get you a paint colour that can do both.

Grey in general is a super versatile choice that plays nicely with almost any other colour – and Aalto Paint have a generous palette of greys. But one of the reasons I settled on Evocative here is that it works especially well with these blush tones, because it has a hint of pink in it.

Overall, I’d describe this look as playful yet elevated… and that’s all thanks to the paint colour.

Products shown:

Charadriiformes Print from Paper Plane

First designed in 1959, a Kristian Vedel’s Bird will be a friend for life – from being a popular toy in a little one’s room, to a much-loved design icon in a future home. (Also come in light oak, but I love this deep Smoked Oak.)

Never mind the kids, I want some of these Raduga Grez Apartment Building Blocks for myself. Love the modernist shapes, love the colour palette. Available in NZ from Dapper Mr Bear.

One of my all-time fave IKEA designs, the BJÖRKSNÄS chest of drawers. (There’s also a bedside table in the same style, btw). Get it in NZ through Urban Sales.

Also from Dapper Mr Bear, Raduga Grez’ Cube Block Set in a palette of contemporary hues.

Ferm Living Little Architect Tables and Desks in Rose, available in NZ from Slow Store. Also comes in a deep emerald green, or grey.

Ferm Living Tufted Strawberry Rug, available in NZ through Slow Store.

Nobodinoz Toy Bag in Misty Pink, from Dapper Mr Bear


This series is sponsored by our friends at Aalto – we use and love their multi-pigmented, premium paint.


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