A young couple rebuilt a neglected 100-year-old farmhouse into a stylish space brimming with reclaimed pieces, clean lines, and warmth. See more here.  Love the 9-foot windows, lots of textile texture, a fireplace in place of a TV, an most of all, that enamel sink (I have one very similar). Oh also, did you spot that MASSIVE BARN SLIDER? Wowzers.

Fave bits: shiplap walls, a bench seat for dining, a trio of wish-boners.

I love that huge floor to ceiling cabinet with everything on display.

The new office and showroom space of Stockholm’s Note Design.

Oh just stop. Just. Stop. It. This is Balwyn House (You’ve made it when your house has a name. Actually, never mind that, I think I might just give my humble little nest a name anyway. Broad House? Alana Residence?) Designed by an all-time fave, Fiona Lynch (Australia)

That huge mirror, those teeny floor tiles, those timber stools (Kalon Stump stool or similar – a fave), and of course, little details that sprinkle on that 5% extra magic that chefs talk about – in this case, Aesop body wash and a tray of perfectly rolled-up hand towels.

I want a copy of that Hug More poster. And in case you do too, it’s here.

(You don’t actually read these captions, do you? Jeez I hope not. I assumed you just looked at the pretty pictures…)

These scenes are from a great little home tour over on Rue.


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