Fancy Spaces

So little square footage, so much to love…
…Including this cute work corner. (This would be a dangerous position for me personally, reaching distance to the fridge. Hide all the cheeses.)
Gurl, you so ply. (Sorry about that one). Love all this ply with the concrete floors (and always a white wishbone chair or two).
I also love knowing that the exterior of this very modern, #softminimalism home is actually a Victorian maisonette – character with contemporary is my absolute fave.
(If this were my place, I’d do the benchtop, oven and splashback all in black alongside the ply)
I think the only thing I’d change about this is the clothing rack – it feels as though it belongs in an entrance (and this bedroom has seven closets built-in along that other wall!) Love the iconic IKEA light, the poster hung with just bulldog clips, the crinkled linen throw and linen-upholstered headboard (you can get these here in NZ from Thread Design), wooden floorboards (as always), and the deep-set window ledges.
Oh, Archways. Oh, Floors. Oh, Yes.
Expect green – deep green, olive, light sage – to be big this year. I love the way it looks here, with plenty of white, and those yummy soft curtains.
Supah cute bedroom belonging to the child of fellow NZ blogger Amy Tennent (Milo & Mitzy)
I have this thing for teeny mezzanines. Love how the kitchen is black but everything else is white – really delineates the spaces in a small studio apartment.


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