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Oh yes, yes, yaaaaaaass to these deep green tiles, the custom concrete benchtop, and the gold sink. You feel approximately 3 x more beautiful doing your evening skincare ritual over a gold sink. Your mileage may vary. That deep green feels instantly sophisticated and adult… I’d love to see how it handles a warmer, lighter treatment – light blonde floorboards, for example.
Photography by Tom Blachford

When you have a Grecian spa as your bathroom. NBD. The decoration here is almost poetic (a singular flower blooming and a raw linen cloth.) – lovely juxtaposition with the slab concrete sink.
Photograph by Matthew Williams

Continuing on with the concrete vibe… If spending a European summer on a remote Greek island is on your wishlist, go see the rest of this home here.

I LOVE these tiles and the subtle texture they give the room, softening the aesthetic. Also love how the shower is set back in the space – unlike most shower boxes that encroach. Even in a small bathroom, this layout would give the illusion of spaciousness. Designed by clever Block AU alumni, Bicker Design.

Very cool idea for a low-cost look for a teenagers room, too, don’t you think? I personally have a always-changing moodboard in my office – would love to take it to the extreme like this. This is the apartment of twenty-something NYC lifestyle blogger, Tezza. Here’s her bedroom-corner workspace:


Another Cali-cool home studio, from a all-time fave of mine, Sarah Sherman Samuel. See the rest of the space here (your carrot: it has a pink sofa from Muuto)


Lovely little bathroom – what caught my eye that I don’t think I’ve seen before
is the linen shower curtain (looks like there’s a waterproof shower curtain behind it – so it’s practical but oh-so-pretty).

How’s this for a beautiful blank canvas. I like imagining what I’d layer and add and layer in a space like this.
One day, I’ll have a dining space with a big ol’ feasting table and super long bench seats. And, enough friends to fill it. (Insert line mouth emoji here.)
Also love that sofa – modular, low backed, best soft grey shade… it manages to look both high-end and laid back.


Scene from Santa Clara 1728, a new hotel in Lisbon. A striking combination of centuries-old (1728!) architecture, against #softminimalist contemporary furnishings.


You know how we’re seeing a trend for black and glass steel doors inside, right...  Well, here’s some white ones. Thoughts?


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