A few Fancy Spaces

Whaaaaaaat is this! Who did this!
Love: the built-in bedsides and built-in low window sill, bay-leaf-green linen throw, and framed prints that don’t have to go up on a wall…
I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of that poofy style of light shade – so that’s gotta go. But everything else can stay right where it is… Love the speckled duvet cover, especially in a room that is otherwise very classic and grown-up. (Also, black-framed, moody photographic prints for the win.)
Inside London’s Merrydown, a minimalist home by architects McLaren Excell. (See the rest of it here)
Black, steel-framed, glass, internal doors are definitely becoming a thing and I’m not mad at it one bit.
Steal this idea – huge long sink, with moveable shelves/ledges. I love this!
Love this! Square tiles are having a moment, but going anywhere anytime soon.
Photography by Dean Bradley
OK this is beautiful. It’s a dedicated photography studio space for hire (Rye London), with floods of natural light, super-high ceilings, white exposed brick walls, white flooring… STOP IT. The founders wanted to create a space for local makers to be able to create and collaborate (and style and shoot). Can someone open one of these in NZ please?


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