One to Watch: Connor Pritchard

Just a little of Connor Pritchard’s photography

Hawke’s Bay-based, globally-roaming Connor Pritchard is only 18, but has already racked up work for New Zealand’s best emerging musicians, and some big brands including Nike.

So how do you get that sort of cred while still in your teens? It starts with being lucky enough to discover your passion at a young age, and then pouring every bit of spare time and spare money into what you love to do – because passion won’t let you leave it alone. Connor started making films around age 13/14, teaching himself everything he could about videography and photography through literally thousands of hours of practice and online tutes. After years of obsessively honing and building on his craft, he decided to leave school early, to pursue his own creative path and establish his own name and brand. People say all sorts of stuff about Millennials, but I personally love smashed avo, and I champion anyone ballsy enough to embrace and chase who they dream of becoming.

Knowing projects wouldn’t jump into his lap (even with an Insta following of 8,000+ and growing), he decided to make his own luck, and spent hours contacting different labels and artists. He’s since directed and shot music videos and shorts for the likes of Omega Levine, SWIDT, Baynk, The Black Seeds, and more. He’s one to watch, for sure.

Music video for NZ rising star of EDM, Baynk

Connor’s take on Chengdu, China

Connor has just returned home after a year travelling Europe and China with artist Raiza Biza, capturing every show, every moment. The entire trip was self-funded, by the way – through old fashioned hard work. He’s condensed what he describes as a year of complete craziness into a 40-minute film, Here’s A Story, which will be premiering next week (Nov 26th) in Napier. Tickets and details here – you should go if you’re in town.

Like with everything I share on The New, I hope Connor’s story inspires you. There has never been a better time to make a living from your passion. Too-young-too-old-too-whatever…  none of that matters. What matters is grit and late nights and loving something so much you’d still do it without finances or followers.

If you want to hire Connor, or follow his career:

ConnorFilms website  /  Instagram


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