The New X Aalto Paint – STYLED

Photography by Swift & Click

Ok, I’m ready to just move all my files and my computer into this contemporary workspace, created with Aalto Paint’s Sovereign – a powdery clay pink that’s part of Aalto’s 2018 Collection. Aalto have a nice selection of pinks – one other ‘millennial pink’ I love from their range is Treaty 1/2, which is a little lighter, with peachy undertones.

Dusky pink like this works so well with burnished reds and russet tones, and Aalto has so, so many of these to choose from. I love the dark flooring with this pink wall!

Photography by Swift & Click


Products Used:

Project Trestle Desk from Happy Sunday

My all-time favourite chair – Wishbone in natural Beech Wood
(also comes in a deeper walnut timber, a white and a black) – quality replica from Me & My Trend

Restore Basket in Rose Melange by Danish design legends Muuto – available in NZ from Bauhaus.
(They also come in a lower/shallower style and in a round shape, in loads of different colours.)

Flooring is Studio Traffic 250 in Soft Elm Brown from Flooring Xtra

Workspace Tools:

Black Hay Scissors from Everyday Needs (they also come in Brass)
Japanese Super Gold Eraser from Everyday Needs
Vitra Toolbox in Mauve Grey colourway from Everyday Needs
An office classic – Gold Penco Bulldog Clip from Everyday Needs
The Kinfolk Entrepreneur from Sunday Homestore
Linen Covered Notebook in Mustard (Caramel Fudge) from Pepa Stationery
Pink Left-Handed Notebook from Pepa Stationery
Le Voyageur Blush Pink Ruled Notebook from Pepa Stationery
Katie Leamon Graphite Pencil Set (in the best colours!) from Pepa Stationery
Palomino Blackwing Pearl Pencils (the world’s best pencils, so iconic) from Pepa Stationery
Darling Clementine Folder and Box in Rust Red – coming soon to Sunday Homestore
Pink Taus Ceramic Mug from Sunday Homestore
Stay hydrated – 1 Litre Water Carafe (Brass Lid) by Menu, from Sunday Homestore
YStudio Classic Spring Ballpoint Pen (nice and weighty – solid brass) from Pepa Stationery
Another iconic office tool – the Klizia 97 Whale Stapler (in white) from Pepa Stationery
Poketo Solid Brass Ruler from Pepa Stationery



The New X Aalto Paint : STYLED

Styling Alana Broadhead (The New), Photography by Swift & Click (and model – Joy Dobbs!)


I’ve been super keen to work with some of Aalto Paint’s ‘new neutrals’ – beiges, taupes and soft sand tones. These colours have definitely seen a revival recently – they’re super nice to use because they offer the fresh clean feel of a white, but give a softer, more organic look.

Taupe tones marry best with natural textures – wood (from light to dark), woven materials, linen, ceramics… and form a pretty palette when used with other neutrals (from oatmeal and eggshell to darker taupes and cloud greys), with some muted brights (think rust red, olive green, powdery pink, and rich golden tones…)

If you’re thinking of a contemporary beige for a room, take note of what undertone your shortlisted colours each have. Choose your final shade by considering the other colours and materials you want to use in the room – and making sure these don’t clash with the undertone.

I settled on a delicious creamy taupe that has the subtlest hint of pink in it, Aalto Fable, but in the running were Starch (a very balanced neutral with a hint of grey)Scrubbed Pine (beautiful powdery taupe from Aalto’s 2018 collection)Illusion 1/2 (a lighter sand colour) and Quest (deeper, with a red undertone). There’s also 10+ more colours in the taupe spectrum to choose from, #sorrynotsorry.

These tones are a great choice for a nursery because they’re gender neutral, they give a warm and cosy feel, and being, well, neutral, they’ll work well with other looks when you update the room as baby gets older. We chose blush accents here (did you spot that the armchair has a blush pink leather seat?) because Fable has a subtlest hint of pink in it, but you could easily replace the blush with more golds and mustards, and soft grey, to make the look even more gender neutral, or swap blush for olives and deep greens.


Products used


On the Wall

Ollie Ella Pollie Shelf from The Gathered Store
Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toy from Sunday Homestore
Bibs Dummy in Blush from Sunday Homestore
Pretty Brave Electric Boots in Oatmeal from Sunday Homestore

Wilson & Frenchy Hooded Jacket with Pompom in Fawn from Tea Pea
Leni Jumpsuit in Dusty Pink from Concrete Blush

A3 Thrum (Rainbow) Print by Tess Guinery


Kalon Caravan Cot from Nature Baby
Organic Wool Bassinet Mattress from Nature Baby
A&C Linen Cot Sheet Set in Grey Stripe from Alex & Corban (Fitted Sheet)
Aura Vintage Linen Throw in Clay from Alex & Corban
Indira Throw in Evening Pink from Alex & Corban
Walnut & Walrus Palms Bodysuit from Sunday Homestore

Rest of Room

My fave – Clement Armchair in Natural with Blush Leather from Williams Road
Svelto Round Stacking Stool by Ercol from GOOD FORM
Thread Linen Cushion in Cinnamon from Sunday Homestore
Taupe Texture Cushion from Father Rabbit
Bowl Basket with Handles in Large from Father Rabbit
A&C Linen Cot Sheet Set in Grey Stripe from Alex & Corban
Stef Baby Combi in Powder from Concrete Blush (Joy is also wearing this in the photos)
Renee Boyd Ceramic Mug in Blush Pink from Sunday Homestore
Meri Meri UK Rainbow Rattle from Tea Pea

Sherwood Collection Sheet Vinyl Wood Look in Pure Oak from Flooring Xtra
Te Anau Handwoven Floor Rug from Flooring Xtra




The New X Aalto Paint – M O O D


This year, we’re working with New Zealand paint experts Aalto to bring you a series of styled shoots and interior moodboards – inspired by Aalto’s comprehensive colour palette.

For this mood, I’m daydreaming about a kitchen where the hero is one of Aalto Paint’s olive colours.
Olive green is a timeless colour, and it’s also crazy versatile. It’s a colour that gives an instant feeling of refinement and sophistication, or you can soften it with natural materials like timber and ceramics, or liven it up by using a contrasting bright colour as an accent. And it works well with lots of different aesthetics – industrial, clean contemporary, organic boho, vintage/mid century modern…

Aalto have a few olive – khaki shades to choose from, my fave is the earthy Nottingham Forest (largest colour above, top right). It’s a colour that draws you in and hugs you. Other options would be Vantage (a muddier muted sage),  or Manhattan (a browner olive).

Other products selected:

Astra Walker Icon+ Kitchen Mixer set in matte black, from The Kitchen Hub.

Black Mosaic Tile (a rectangular black mosaic tile would also look amazing, or switch out the white grout for black for less contrast but more yummy texture) – MosaicFX Crystal Black Mosiac from NZ’s Tilemax.

Round serving/chopping board (in two sizes) from Citta Design.

Menu Grinders in the new Hunting Green & Beige colourway, from Sunday Homestore.

Black dish cloth from The Foxes Den.

Martino Gamper Circus Stool for reaching those top cupboards. In the colour Khaki, from Paper Plane.

 Smokey glassware is ideal for this whole situation – Alex & Corban have some stunning grey tumblers by Danish interior house Hubsch.

Why would you spray toxic chemicals where you prepare food? Plus, RealWorld’s all natural Bench Spray comes in a stylish amber glass bottle – stylish enough to keep out on the sink. From Sunday Homestore.

Bellota Linen Apron in Pine, from Luxury Linen.

Beechwood Bowl from Citta Design.



The New x Aalto Paint : S T Y L E D

 Concept & Styling Alana Broadhead / The New; Photography Swift & Click

When NZ’s Aalto Paint and I first discussed collaborating on a STYLED series, one scene I knew I wanted to create was a bedroom in deep green. I lovelovelove green for bedrooms – it’s a colour that’s both fresh and enlivening, but also calming and grounding, and can be styled in so many different ways to dial up the moodiness and sophistication, or enhance the peace-out vibes.

For this babely little bedroom set-up, I chose Aalto’s Green Bath. A deep green with so much presence, and one that reveals layers of depth and intensity as the light hits it. Aalto Paints are often the choice of NZ interior designers and architects (and people with a discerning eye – ahem, you and me) because they specialise in complex, multi-pigmented colours that use only the most premium grade paint and tinters. I’ve painted many a room over the years, and I’ve honestly not seen such depth and – how do I describe it – substance in a colour on a wall…

(Aalto have so many beautiful deep greens, I found it hard to choose! Other faves were Celtic – still a deep green, but with a khaki/olive vibe, or Kensington – which has a real heritage feel)


Products used and loved:

Linen duvet cover, linen pillowcases and linen euro pillows all in fresh white, from Thread Design
Heavy Linen cushions in Citron from Sunday Homestore
Green Lilies cushion by Fine Little Day from Sunday Homestore
New Mustard pompom blanket from The Foxes Den
Citta Shift Table Lamp in Pistachio (such a great colour) from Paper Plane.
Olive Indoor Slides (organic cotton) by Penney & Bennett, from Paper Plane
Meraki Nail File from Paper Plane
Together Journal from Sunday Homestore
The Kinfolk Home from Sunday Homestore
Renee Boyd Ceramic Mug in Sage from Sunday Homestore
Large ceramic plant pot from Renee Boyd
Maraca Hand Cream in Bloom (love the super-minimalist packaging) from Thread Design
Nebraska Rug in Beige from Flooring Xtra
Roundie Coffee Table from Boheme Home




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