One of the best phrases in the English language: BARN. CONVERSION.  These are teasers of two different English barn conversions by McLaren.Excell (yes they certainly do) – on full show over at Est here and here. (You gotta see the exteriors!)

Colour palette to steal: soft grey, punches of black, then layer with accents of dirty peach and cinnamon.

Another very pretty palette. We’re going to try and ignore that too-small and off-centre art print…
Does anyone else feel like they just broke out in hives? Or like they need to sneeze? Just me?

Ok, so I love the idea of planting a wee (olive) tree in their nursery, and watching it grow alongside them.

I’ve always wanted a home with an (original) archway. Now, I want a home with a keyhole archway.

Ok, so the story behind this home above and below is very cool: it’s a 1941 Californian bungalow that Dee Tang and Des Sweeney affectionately call The Lady California, and they fell in love with it so hard that they put an offer on it and moved literally across Australia (Sydney to Fremantle) before they’d even applied for a home loan. Now, with new coats of fresh white from floor to ceiling, its their family home with daughter Rafa, and also houses a guest studio Airbnb (yes, you can stay here!) and Des’s art studio.

Adore this completely open kitchen unit

Such an inspiring family! To see much more of their home and lifestyle, follow them on Instagram here.
(Also, you can see more of the home and hear more of Dee and Des’ story over at the Real Living website.


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen these ball sconces used as bedside lighting, and I dig it. Also loving the low built-in bedside cabinets – great way to reconfigure a room that has an old fireplace you’ve decided to cover, don’cha think?

Felt cute.

Soho Loft bathroom by interior designer Tina Rich. See more of this unique home over at Rip & Tan.
Speaking of Rip & Tan…  It’s the excellent stand-alone blog of Californian lifestyle brand Jenni Kayne. And this home below belongs to Jenni Kayne’s CEO, Julia Hunter.

It reminds me of one of my favourite design quotes by Dieter Rams: “Limit everything to the essential. But do not remove the poetry”.

Victorian cutie

Photography Martina Gemmola

Art Nouv-Woah. (See what I did there). Beautiful renovation of a 1930’s Art Deco apartment in Melbourne, by Molecule Studio. Tour the rest of this home here.

Sculptural lighting (above and below) for the win.

Clean built-in storage for close runner-up.

May your life be long, and your towels be matching.

This heavily striated marble is gorgeous. Love that they paired it with a Deep Sea colour with black hardware.

Loft 90 designed by Courtney Nye. There’s lots more to see of this home – go here.

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Incredible bathroom at a coastline-meets-country property in Victoria, Australia. If moody and modernist on windswept oceanfront is your thing (aaaah and why would it not be), take a look at the rest of the home here. Designed by B.E Architecture.

Photography Peter Bennetts

This bathroom (LOVE this bathroom – wish I could see more angles of it!) and the beautiful sunken kitchen above belong to a Japanese-inspired home/grown-up-treehouse in Melbourne, designed by Archier. Definitely go and watch the walk-through video tour of this home, here.

Grey-on-grey = quiet elegance

Been a minute since we looked at a teeny Scandinavian apartment. I love that they always, always manage to find space for a dining area. This looks as good a place as any for a morning pour-over.

I’m not even mad that the bedroom is impractically tiny – it just feels like a cosy nest.

If you’re after a Mediterranean feel, a fully-tiled bathroom counter is going to bring that for you. I love that they’ve used imperfect, matte tiles and added rough plastered walls, but chosen light colours – this is rustic, relaxed, and refined all at once.

I’m really responding to powder blue lately – I reckon we’ll be seeing a lot more of it this year.
Great little before and after of this modest kitchen, here

*whispering in your ear: uneven matte-white subways… a modern freestanding bath… sitting under timber sash windows…

I love everything about this kitchen; most especially the extra-thick concrete benchtop. I just want to teleport here for a day of cooking while listening to podcasts, with a background soundtrack of rain outside. This sweet cottage kitchen belongs to photographer Marnie Hawson, and her Macedon Ranges farmhouse style home. Tour the rest of this nostalgic abode over on the Bed Threads journal.

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OK, I officially like chrome tapware again – in this specific material palette (white, timber, ceramic)
Styling by Bonemade – follow them on Instagram for organic-meets-sophisticated interiors.

Special doesn’t need to be expensive. (Love the raw-edge linen shower curtain)

Cute bunks courtesy of Bicker Design

Love this dining-bench-corner-avec-storage. These are IKEA Nordli drawers, so this is a super affordable idea to steal. Here’s another view of the same space:

I’m always checking in on The Stables to see if they have new work up, and I hit pay-dirt for us today! These are a couple of Duplexes in Cronulla Beach; all fresh whites and clean lines. You might like (you will like) to see the other images of these two homes – head here and here.

Love this for us. Gallery wall by The Poster Club. (Especially like the simple black ‘pebble’ on the right there; you can shop that print here)

(eeep – those floor tiles!)

Sarah Sherman Samuel finally took a break from designing amazing homes for other people to design an amazing home for herself.  Go see the rest of it over on Domino, here.

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