This week’s Spaces is dedicated entirely to Three Birds Renovations’ latest project. Chances are you already know about and follow this trio of boss design babes, but if not – lets digress from the pretty pictures for a moment.

Bonnie, Lana and Erin have been besties for 20 years and have seen each other through all the ups, downs and milestones of life, including becoming mums (nine kids between ’em!) and juggling busy careers. In 2014, in pursuit of a more fulfilling life, they took a leap of faith together to quit their jobs and create Three Birds Renovations. They wanted to work for themselves, work together, do something they loved with a passion, and have more family time. They started out by buying one property together, then renovated and flipped it… and now, five years later, they’ve completed 10 houses (including their own forever homes) and amassed a huge following. Yeah, half a million on Instagram, nbd, plus a thriving YouTube channel. They also now have an online course, The Reno School, and put out a book this year, too.

Anyway! Onto a few scenes from House 10, described as modern-Mediterranean-farmhouse, and possibly my personal favourite interior of this year so far… what say you?

Fave aspects of this kitchen: the super-duper-thick, light concrete bench tops; arched shelving niche (which cleverly hides plumbing pipes); that beautiful arched window framing; and the scullery with archway door. Too many arches? Nope, a Goldilocks amount.

I’ve always wanted a home with a circular window, and this house has a casual one in  THE LAUNDRY.
(also, in the light-filled grand entrance, head to the Three Birds blog to see more of that)

See more images and a full video of the kitchen and laundry here.

Guest bedroom and Toddler Hendrix’s cute-but-cool bedroom, see more images and a tour video here

More images and a video of this bathroom here

Adore this big open space, especially the way they’ve laid out the sofas (actually, one eight-piece modular sofa from Freedom Furniture), creating different zones of focus in the space, and acting as a divider between living and dining

I love the artwork throughout – all on a Mediterranean vacay tip, many are actually holiday images by the home owner, Sophie Bell.

Have just seen the house, Casa Campana, has its own Instagram and is available for shoots


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Photography Derek Swalwell

Quiet confidence and a masterful balance of warmth and heft in this cliff-perched coastal home by Rob Kennon Architects.
See more of the stunning Bluff House here.

I know, right? That timber archway French door. Send flowers for my funeral.  And what make these (and the other many archways in this home) even better, is that these are original architectural features from this many-decades-old Spanish Colonial Revival house, as opposed to being modern additions.

The kudos for this Spanish-style Californian home goes to Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. (Amber not only runs an Interior Design studio, but also curates her own bricks and mortar retail store, Shoppe Amber Interiors, and has a brilliant lifestyle blog you could lose hours to).

OK, this is my absolute favourite room in this home. A shower ‘room’ with an arched glass door! Just inside that door is a marble bench, and you know how much I appreciate the ability to sit down in the shower. I also love the eclectic vernacular – Spanish tiles alongside marble,  the soft painterly artwork, weathered turkish rug and rustic timber and rattan stools…

Photography by Tessa Neustadt

 See loads more of this Spanish-Cali home here.

Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

Pared-back perfection. If I lived in the middle of a capital city, I’d want to come home to neutrals, too. I especially love the square kitchen island. Who said they had to be oblong? You can see more of this home, designed by Studio Niels, over at Est Living.

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This one’s going straight to the Workspace secret board. I dream of a studio that’s as stylish and comfy as a living room – an office that sort of looks nothing like an office. Loving these pink curtains, and the choice of dark timber.

Soft pink linen curtains that puddle on the floor, the lightest timber floorboards and a wide windowsill that acts as a low shelf. Triple yes.

All images above by photographer and lovely-taste-haver Aurelie Lecuyer.
(And if you want to add some more beauty to your feed – of course you do – follow her on Instagram here)

Architects Kennedy Nolan deliver category-defining, ultra-modern ‘Australiana’
This living room reached out and grabbed my eyeballs with its rendered walls, cast concrete ceiling, unique window design (and framing colour) and show-stopping sapphire sofa.

Kitchen in the same inimitable home.  See more of this residence over at Kennedy Nolan
Photography Derek Swalwell

Photography by Martina Gemmola

Melbourne’s WOWOWA Architecture obviously named their practise so because that’s the sound you make when you see their work. This bathroom is from WOWOWA’s Keano project, the renovation of a three-storey warehouse, which WOWOWA describe as having “an otherworldly industrial meets nostalgic Women’s Weekly cookbook (the cake special) thematic”. See more of this home here.

Photography by Martina Gemmola
More woah-woah-woah-a, from WOWOWA.

Appreciate how they’ve positioned the taps above the faucet here, just a small touch that ups the drama a little.

Every space in this Provençal villa is stunning, but oh – the bathrooms.

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I suspected the renovation of Australian Interior Designer Kate Walker’s own home would be bangin’, and it does. not. disappoint. Her amazing laundry packs so much gutsy detail into a small space, while still retaining a light, airy feel.
As with other Kate Walker projects, the hard finishings are the real heroes – that chunky fireclay sink, marble drip, English Bronze tapware, shiplap, hand-chiselled herringbone tiles… Favourite part? That amazing Dutch door in bold black!

Thought you might like to also see this view. Those cupboards? They’re drying cupboards, a big trend in laundry design at the moment. No more clothes racks scattered around the house, no more coming home to wet clothes on the line because it rained while you were out. O,hai form and function.

The aesthetic throughout is best described as modern farmhouse, and Kate’s brought the palette of the Australian landscape inside with shades of sage green, grey and terracotta.

Kate’s own private ensuite is like*Angels singing*. I love the feminine, light touch of the fabric in this space, especially against the weight and warmth of the terracotta tiles.

Photography by Armelle Habib

This shower! That ‘plaid’ tiling on the floor (Kate couldn’t find plaid tile, so instead, made her own from 3 different colours of encaustic tiles), the english bronze tapware, those sage green slim subway tiles laid vertically…

If these spaces have you inspired, go check out the Kate Walker Design blog to see loads more of Kate’s home, and follow Kate on Instagram (she’s also a single mum and a complete superwoman)

Love the black floorboards and other black accents against the super-faded Turkish rug and white linen.

Of course I can’t let a Spaces go by without at least one teeny Scandinavian apartment.

My favourite kitchen designers Nordiska Kok have done it again with this dreamy shaker kitchen. If we’re playing the ‘What Would You Change’ game,  I’d switch ip the cabinet handles (they’re perfectly farmhouse-style, but I’d opt for something a little more modern and linear, to balance out the rusticity).

Vart platsbyggda skandinaviska shakerkok i gratt. Massiv bankskiva i ek och stor kokso i second hand, mattanpassat for Ellen Dixdotter i hennes skanelanga på Osterlen. Vitrinskap med antikglas och trainsida, porslinsho och porlinsknoppar skapar detta dromkok.

Definitely doing grey walls in our next place. What Would I Change Here? Lighter, real linen curtains that puddle on the floor.

Loves a layered rug situation and a salon hang.


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Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box

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