Brutalist babe by Tamizo Architects. Somewhat related side note: Did you see Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s bathroom on the interwebs recently? I gotta say, I really like their sinks.

So many elements to love in this attic home. I’m especially a fan of the grey walls, which bring a quiet atmospheric elegance to the space.

Still high-key loving imperfect tiles for that Mediterranean vacation feel at home. This bathroom by Arent & Pyke balances modernity and rusticity beautifully. Photography by Felix Forest

Loving blogger and store owner Megan Gilger’s (The Fresh Exchange) kitchen. Megan’s aim to marry a more farmhouse/English cottage style with very clean, modern elements. I’m especially a fan of the simple grey cabinetry and these black pull handles.

Fun fact: Instead of doing one tall fridge, Megan went for two counter-depth Euro-style fridges, concealed behind cabinets (over on the right there, next to the pantry).

The countertops look like marble, but are a more hard-wearing, durable quartz stone.  While we’re here, let me show you how Megan created a laundry in her entranceway:

Nice, right? To see what’s behind those doors, head over here

And here’s the kids-and-guest bathroom in Megan’s home, where that grey cabinetry makes a welcome return appearance, but this time is set against cool, clean blues. You can see more of this space here.

And from the A Girl Can Dream category; this incredible bathroom, belonging to Camilla Freeman Topper (as in, the Camilla half of Australian womenswear label Camilla and Marc). The full tour and accompanying story over at Architectural Digest is absolutely worth a look. Designed by Luigi Roselli ArchitectsPhotography by Prue Ruscoe


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This home in the South of France belongs to my newest woman-crush, stylist and photographer Olivia Thébaut. Head over here to SF Girl By Bay to see much more of Olivia’s home. And ooh, follow Olivia on Instagram, too.

Love Another from the #WCE file – I love the aesthetic of designer, stylist and blogger Sarah Van Peteghem (Coco Lapine). These photos are from a series showcasing Abstrakt No. 2, one of her range of art prints.

Listing things I love about this home, and there are many:
The super soft grey on the walls, I’m a fan of how art reads against a light grey…

How a bleach blonde dining table looks with black cane Bentwoods…

Definitely a cantilevered wall light (in black) – for softer task lighting at night, and because they’re its wall artwork in and of itself…

A small String shelf in the kitchen, hung low, and custom-wide white floorboards…

An iconic Ikea Ivar hung in the hallway…

Peg rail hung low, and the simplest white cabinet handles…

Heck yes to a whole wall of edge-to-edge cupboards.

The three images above are from the combined home and workspace of architects Mar Vicens and Ask Anker Aistrup (together Mar Plus Ask).  They renovated an old grocery store, creating an office space on the street frontage, a home behind. See more from this amazing home here. Also – big call – but I think this is the best kitchen sink I have ever seen. *Pins to every board, takes screenshot for dream home folder, makes into macbook screensaver, makes into iPhone screensaver, prints out and pins above bed, prints as a Shrinky Dink and turns into a keyring and a necklace

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I gotta level with you – I’m at the end of a one-month stretch of work. Zero days off since April 7th. So for this week’s spaces, I’m going to literally just say the things I like about each picture. Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking that’s what I do every week. Touché.

French doors into a bedroom, for their sense of drama.

Olive green kitchen cabinetry (especially against soft grey walls)

String shelving, which does-it-all in a living space

A contemporary take on shaker-style cabinet fronts, especially the slimline black handles seamlessly within the edging.

Actually, pretty much everything about this kitchen, especially this dining table (love the brutalist granite top sitting on two timber platforms). Also, this kitchen has two sinks which is just greedy, in the best way.

From the same house as that kitchen – this bedroom

And this bathroom- particularly the sconces which I’ve not seen anywhere before, and… it’s bath:

All designed by Lauren Nelson.

All of this kitchen, but especially the design of the dark-stained oak cabinets (by Nordiska Kok)

This ultra-quiet bedroom, especially the light and tree stump situation.

This colour palette, and the vertical shiplap wall, with a built-in ledge.

These tiles! (If you like this, you’ll like the rest of the bathroom – here)

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Photography by Sharyn Cairns

Thought I’d share some highlights from the 2019 Australian Interior Design Awards nominees. Shall we? Right! Yes! Good! On we go! First up, Melbourne Yoga Studio Warrior One, designed by Golden. This space is shortlisted for a 2019 AIDA in the Retail Design category. I just really adore this door n’ floor situation we have going on here. Specifically, the sliding door – I’d absolutely do something like this in my own home – dig the whitewashed timber framing with that fluted glass.

Gorgeous hallway. Love how you can clearly see where the original Victorian cottage and the modern extension meet.

Photography Jack Lovel

Modern Extensions to Historic Cottages is my favourite sub-genre of renovations and to be fair, this sub-genre deserves its own annual awards programme. This – the reinvention of a quaint Victorian weatherboard cottage, by design studio Heartly – would be shortlisted. It’s also shortlisted for a 2019 AIDA in the Residential Design category. (P.S: Love the cloud grey pantry.)

Photography Meghan Plowman

Steel windows and doors continue to dominate the design landscape this year, and this home – The Villa, designed by LAHAUS Studio – provides a number of stellar examples of what can be done with them. Like the french doors in the small living room above, with their large factory-style door handles. I love how LAHAUS have employed the industrialism of the steel windows and doors alongside the warmth and texture of other elements (like those gorgeous timber ceilings and the white-painted brick). This home is another nominee for a 2019 AIDA Residential Design award.

Photography Pablo Veiga
; Styling Claire Delmar

Also shortlisted in the same category, is a stunning Darlinghurst terrace house designed by Tom Mark Henry Studio. This bathroom, especially, caught my eye. See more here.

Photography Jenah Piwanski

Woodside Residence by multi-disciplinary design firm Enoki. I’ve shared the mud room from this project before, but it’s worth revisiting:

You’re welcome.

Photography Tom Blachford

Another finalist in my imaginary honours – the Modern Extension to a Historic Home Awards. From the road, this home just looks like any other of the quaint and traditional federation-style cottages on the street. But, thanks to Ritz & Ghougassian, it’s been given the most in. cred. ible. modern-minimalist extension, with interior walls of exposed concrete blocks defining the living spaces.

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