Super cute re-covered cane sofa alongside mid-century vibes

Space optimisation – love the cosy window seat and the little drop-leaf

From this amazing blog – which has so much good content, you might need an hour and a fresh cup of coffee. Mid Century-inspired kitchen designed by its owners, interior design duo Bentley Hagen Hall.

Neutrals for President!

I loooove this study tucked away off a living area – reveal, conceal.  Photography Derek Swalwell

Would I drink more water if I had a nice carafe? Yes, yes I would.

From what I can tell, this is a combo walk-in wardrobe and ensuite – nice.
Love the slim-line sinks with all dem storage cupboards underneath.

The very beautiful Stockholm holm of interior designer and blogger Lovisa Hager (< that’s her Insta) is a study in Soft Minimalism, and modern-meets-mid-century. See the whole house tour here.

I daydream about a working trip to Sweden where I stay in a teeny weeny Gothenburg or Stockholm city apartment. I nip downstairs to a coffee shop in the morning, stroll lanes in the evening trying a different restaurant every night…  This studio apartment gives me them feels.

Avenue Lifestyle were asked for Storage, Storage and more Storage by the owners of this home – and I’m here for it.
The custom built-in in the living/dining area is especially beautiful. Just the things you love on display, with everything else neatly away.


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Each week when I put Spaces together, I listen to music. Today, it’s atmospheric, sleepy soul – I wish you could hear it while you check out these lovely rooms…

Get you a girl that can do both – Scandinavian but boho; industrial but homely.

This beautiful Melbourne home, a new project by Hecker Guthrie, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Good Wife kinda sexy. Masculine with soft edges, accomplished but not too showy. Photography by Shannon McGrath 

Love all the timber tones and caramel colours in this contemporary nursery.

#ihavethisthingwithsinks This one looks super impractical but also – it’s amazing, so…. *shrugs*

Who said laundries had to be boring? Superb little space designed by Norsu Interiors (they also sell the brass, leather and timber drying rack you see there)

LOVE this wall tiling – so small and simple it feels like a texture more than a tile.
Also, matte black tapware’s going nowhere, people.

Yaaaaaasss! Struck interior gold when I spotted this home – a delicious vanilla flavour (but the good kind, the organic Heilala creamy kind) of Bali/boho.

LOVE love love the rug, love the print (it says You will always have us), love the plant with a big ol’ white jug alongside (steal that idea), I’m even surprising myself by loving the light fitting.  You can follow Nicola, the incredibly stylish homeowner, on the gram here (sorry for saying ‘on the gram’.)


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Photography Sharyn Cairns

Willow Urban Retreat, a wellness centre with all the spatial simplicity of a Japanese dojo, but in Melbourne city. Breaking the mould of a traditional yoga studio or massage space with its exceptional architecture and interior design, courtesy of Meme Design. The retreat includes has its own wholefoods cafe, alongside various group class, treatment and consultation spaces. Learn more about the space here.

Bonus note: There’s actually a crystal grid set into the foundations of the building – the whole place is abuzz with restorative positive vibrations.

Photography Tom Blachford

We might as well make this week’s Spaces an ode to Meme Design. This is another of their beautiful projects, a one bedroom loft apartment, also in Melbourne.

How good is this reading corner? If you want a fabric light like this, you can get the iconic Ay Illuminate ones in NZ from our friends at Tessuti.

 Photography Kellie Kroneberger

Laundry and soft graphic nursery o’ your dreams – both by interior designer Anna Smith

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Needed to see a ginormous arch window from inside a renovated historic factory today? I got you.
Actually, go see the rest of this place here – you’re welcome.

Beautiful built-in, via SF Girl by Bay. Designed by Jessica Helgerson

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with A…mazing (love the door handles, espesh)

The Berlin home (and home studio) of music producer Max Boss

This is his workspace – anyone else find this sexy as hell? Love a man with this kind of taste level.

Beautifully utilitarian apartment kitchen, designed by Max himself

THIS KITCHEN SINK. It was made for Max by a stonemason in his parent’s village, NBD.

Reform’s showroom (which also houses a cafe) in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. When I grow up I want a Reform kitchen. Their concept is very cool – Reform collaborates with internationally-acclaimed architects to design cabinet fronts and countertops that work with IKEA kitchen modules. The designs and the colours they come in are well beyond your average kitchen designs. They’ve also started expanding their range, now offering fronts for IKEA’s most iconic wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. Go and have a peeper at the multi award-winning Reform rangeso good.

Couldn’t help myself – Reform wardrobe fronts in burgundy, in the Basis design

Thought this was a cute little look – love the clean-ness of the rectangular grid tiling, the partial wall coverage (great idea when you reeeeeally want to tile a space, but it’s small and you don’t want to close it in), and the matte black against the pale green.


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