Today’s Spaces is all about introducing you to some inspiring content creators in the Interiors niche…

Charlotte of Le Petit Fika is a master of soft nordic minimalism. Relevant to your aesthetic interests? Tour her home and styling adventures over at the Le Petit Fika blog and definitely give Charlotte a follow on Instagram

Meet your next woman crush, Carla Natalia. She describes herself as a stay-at-home-mum by day, stylist at night. I broke my own rule of including images of people in Spaces, because she’s a complete babe and I love her sartorial style as much as her home. Explore her interiors-and-wardrobe focused blog here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Last week we looked at some of designer Jaclyn Peter’s kitchens, but she’s also a boss in the bathroom.
Follow her on Instagram here

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Love this walk-in shower: has the spa-like feel of a wet-room, but with those two black-steel-framed screens, there’s just enough containment. The pared-back colour palette downplays just how Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous this bathroom is; and I like that. Let’s take a closer look at that far end, shall we?

Ugh, that sink! Also, a full dressing room down one end of the bathroom. Omg bye.

This is how you do Balance. Bold and brutalist against warm and organic. The travertine kitchen island is the absolute showstopper here.  Design by Pieter Vanrenterghem,

Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

Still loving seeing dark oak together with blonder timbers.

Love this in-built timber shelving tucked under the island. I don’t think I’ve seen this done before?

Jaclyn Peters, you sure give good Kitchen. Fave bits? Ah, everything. But if I had to pick two something, I’d say the shade of green – deep but dynamic; and the finishing flourish – the Turkish rug. (Always love the a living-room style rug in a kitchen.)

Another great kitchen from designer Jaclyn Peters.

Love the black sink, that blonde timber cabinetry (especially the wide linear handles), the Turkish rug…
I also love how the designer has used a mix of cabinetry in this space – warm oak, white groove-panelled, and the black steel and glass shown below:

And my favourite bit – this second small sink and set of cabinets next to the fridge.

Proud member of the Beige Brigade.

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Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box



LOVE what they’ve done with the sink here – just a recycled table with a sink dropped in, and that industrial-style copper faucet (with the matching shower faucets). Add some rendered walls and a smidge of patterned floor tiles and you have the perfect Californian desert vibes for this homestead cabin Airbnb.

Brick archway nook. That is all.

One for my Travel Wishlist: International icons of design Menu, together with their friends at Norm Architects, have converted a 101-year old Copenhagen boathouse into The Audo – a hybrid boutique hotel, concept store, restaurant, café, creative co-work and event space. The Audo’s 10 guest suites are all decorated uniquely, showcasing Menu’s furniture, lighting and homeware. See loads more images here, or visit The Audo website here.

Ideas to steal: tone-on-tone grey: soft grey walls, with a slate-grey painted sideboard and smokey grey glass. Also, autumn leaves as an impermanent sculpture. Also, soft grey walls in living spaces, then deep blue-grey in a bedroom.

The Thomas is a new boutique accommodation you can book in Melbourne’s beachside St Kilda.
Very elegant – I especially love those wide, dark floorboards. See more over at Est Magazine

Is it obvious yet that I’ve been daydreaming about a holiday? This beauty is Casa Sa Mar, a señorial townhouse in the centre of Sóller, Spain. The home dates back to 1896, and while it’s now a modern residence, many of the original features have been kept and restored. The exterior, courtyards and pool are breathtaking – go here to see.

If I can’t go on a holiday, I at least want to re-design my workspace. Something like this would do nicely.
Designed by the very inspiring Anne Sage – one of the OG content creators and founder of Rue Magazine.

Meaningful art and photography on the walls

Concealed turntable for the work soundtrack – YES.

Structured but soothing, with organic textures and the softest tones

I had to include this pic because of that blush leather Day Bench by Perigold (with a custom corduroy bolster on it – love)


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Today’s Spaces is an ode to one interior design team, Avenue Lifestyle. It’s been a while since I went
a-lurking on their website, and Holly and Hedda have a bunch of inspiring new projects.

Here’s a bedroom they designed for Holly’s daughter Lola – see more here. I love seeing more grown-up pieces in kids’ rooms (here: the rug, bentwood-style chairs and the framed artwork, as some examples).  Pieces like this age well and won’t be outgrown. And when they get to the i-hate-everything stage, their loss is your gain, because they’ll work just as well anywhere in the house.

Part of Holly’s own home reno – more images here. You can see Before and Afters (and Durings) on the Avenue Lifestyle Instagram in Highlights, under Project Delft. One of my favourite things about this space is the layering of all the soft and warm elements (linen curtains, linen sofa, paper lanterns, chocolate sisal rug, beautiful toasty floorboards), and then BLAM – the contrast of that Memphis-style (80’s) solid marble coffee table.

 Finally, this kitchen! Fave details: Firstly, that deep brown cabinetry – with its organic, minimalist feel and delicious depth. I especially love the full-width linear pull handle detail. (This cabinetry is from Ask og Eng, who just make doors and doors only, in an I-want-them-all variety of styles to fit standard IKEA kitchens.)  OK, moving on – those walnut bar stools up there, and more specifically, how good the dark walnut timber looks against the pale oak floorboards… who knew! What else? The ceramic wall light above the sink; a door with glass panels leading into the kitchen (makes me want to put glass panels in 75% of the doors at my place); the burnished brass kitchen rails (these ones, to be exact) which are the perfect choice of material with the darker timber; the light oak tall cabinetry in the corner – because there’s no rule saying you have to stick with either light or dark timber and not both. See more of this kitchen here.


See more of Avenue Lifestyle’s work over on their website, or follow them on Insta here.

Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box

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