No gimmicks, just gorgeous timeless materiality in this kitchen by Williams Burton Leopardi.

Love this teeny but terrific kitchen, designed by new faves, New York’s Shapeless Studio.

They moved the main entry to the kitchen to open directly onto the living room (instead of the hall), transforming pokey to practical. The black steel-framed shelving acts as a separation between the kitchen and the main hallway. LOVE those flooring tiles and the grey-green stone benchtop and splashie

main hallway, now with storage. See more of this kitchen and apartment renovation here.

These following two bathrooms and kitchen belong to a historic Brooklyn Brownstone (DREAM) that the Shapeless Studio team were able to gut and completely renovate…

Bathroom Two:

There’s those gorgeous vertically-laid, textural white tiles again (a fave of mine) – this time with matte white tapware.

And the kitchen:

This incredible fireplace was one of the only original features remaining when the current owners purchased the old Brownstone duplex. To see more of this home, go here

Photography by Blurry Hinge

One more by Shapeless Studio – another complete renovation of a Brooklyn, NY residence. I’ll just stick the tip in with this beautifully solid-yet-soft bathroom, and you can go here to see the rest (the sage-green entrance is epic!)

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Oh hey! Welcome to another edition of Spaces. This beautiful kitchen (and below, bathroom) is the work of one of my faves, Avenue Design Studio.  Their brief was to take a tired 19th-century Neo-Renaissance ex-rental, and reinstate it to the beautiful monumental town house it was meant to be.

Such a beautiful balance between light and dark here – but I love that even the light elements (such as the white flooring) have heft and substance – totally befitting a home of this architectural stature

Unique touches that are “felt before they are seen”, like the marble live edge shelving, and bespoke walnut cabinet handles

Love the contrast of the walnut cabinetry with that GENIUS white steel-framed pantry.

(The pantry there also conceals a door to a wine cellar)

And now, to a peek at one of the bathrooms in the same home:

A1 flooring selection here, and I’m a longtime fan of those Apparatus Studio Trapeze lights (the same brand is also responsible for those very cool white scones in the kitchen – this is an easy way to speak with a cohesive voice through different rooms, without having to use the exact same lights)

Another angle of those beautiful bathroom floor tiles. Texture for days!
The bespoke features throughout the home extend to this sliding grooved cabinet door.

This bright Brooklyn apartment carves out a home office without sacrificing light, thanks to that bespoke steel and glass door system. (fully hinged so it can be opened right up).

So much to love in this layered-with-love apartment (see more here) – but my favourite part has to be the double-ended kitchen!

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Photography Derek Swalwell

The rest of this bathroom is *shocked face emoiji* and the kitchen is *drool face emoji* – do the full tour of this home here. Conceived by Doherty Design Studio – more here

You can’t go wrong with a palette of natural textured layered on white. Add some bold, sculptural furniture and lighting (just a few pieces, no need to go overboard) and some black and white photography and you have a timelessly chic and international aesthetic. This is the home of Stockholm-based Art Director Therese Sennerholt (follow her on Instagram @theresesennerholt) – see the rest of her home here.

Breaking my own arbitrary rule to show you a couple of exteriors – from the stunning al fresco dining area at Blacksmith bistro, in Australia’s Lake Mulwala. Love the white-framed awning windows at the kitchen bar, lovelovelove those tiled sinks! Go see the rest of this incredible destination eatery over on The Stella Collective’s design portfolio.

The little stack of kitchen cloths and boards is doing something to me. Lovely as always via Coco Lapine

Super affordable, easy way to create a moment in your bedroom – wooden peg rail, and a few of your most-favourite things. Also really love the crinkled linen curtains with the paper lampshade here, and the soft sage wall paint.via Stadshem

This little scene has made me want to move our bench seat from the dining table into the bedroom, to create something similar to this cute little styled situation.

The Poster Club can do no wrong.

That dining table, ugh. And those floor tiles! And that almost-blush kitchen island peeking in on the left there, with the almost-blush curtains.

Adore this stair detail.

Woah, tiled ceiling.

Photography by Dylan James

Have you heard of BuildHer Collective? It’s a school dedicated to empowering women how to lead on the design and project management of their home reno/new build. Such a clever concept – I’m thinking of enrolling myself in their online course.  This Melbourne Edwardian home was designed by the two ladies behind BuildHer Collective – see much, much more of this home here.


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Steal this idea: Glass tile splash-back!

Interior Designer Emilee McHugh is clearly not intimidated by a varied palette. I love this bathroom she recently designed, with it’s combination of concrete, brass, sage green melamine,  marble, brick and (inhales) white grooved wall panels – it all looks *kisses fingers dramatically like an Italian pizzaiolo*

Hands up who’d love to cook – or stand around with a wine chatting to the cook – in this bespoke modern shaker kitchen? I love a kitchen island with in-built shelving, and did you spot that under-island fridge? Also love the darker limestone countertop as a design choice, and those gorgeous wide oak floorboards. Via Nordiska Kok.

Beautiful tiling in this Annandale bathroom, by Studio Gorman

This stylish scullery caught my eye because (gets out clipboard, reads from list): The choice to do deep timber on the floorboards and cabinetry and then white and pale grey at eye level; herringbone-r floorboards; the slightly-thicker-than-normal stone countertop; and the corner sink.

Bathroom belonging to the same house as that stylish scullery (by Studio Gorman). Love the tiling choices here, and that super-duper-extra thick stone vanity.

Still a big fan of a linen tablecloth for updating the look of your space, and elevating the ritual of a meal.

Steal this idea: extra-cute market bag, hanging in the kitchen as a style element.

Im not entirely sure why I love this so much. Possibly because I’d love a bedroom large enough to have a couch, and a seperate nook for a writing desk (or dressing table), possibly that massive antique rug on the painted concrete floor, possibly


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