Let me introduce you to new brand Baina, founded by New Zealand friends Anna Fahey and Bailey Meredith.

I’m excited about Baina’s super contemporary approach to towelling. The aesthetic goes from subtle to sonorous, the designs playing with colour theory, texture and shape to bring a little sense of fine art, architecture or sculpture to your bathroom.

For me, design is the Art of Living Well – I believe that good design can genuinely improve the quality of your life and the lives of others – and Baina as a brand encapsulates this sentiment for me in every way. Not only is the design beautifully considered and the product premium (thick, super-soft absorbent towels), it’s a brand born of two friends who’ve decided to carve a creative and career path for themselves (and others). And everything is mindfully produced – Baina towels are 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and are made by a four decade family-owned, sustainably-progressive mill in Portugal.

Currently the Baina collection includes a reversible pool towel that’s taking me to Capri, along with big bath towels and hand towels in three aesthetic match-ups. (I can’t decide which bathroom pairing is my favourite – the pink towels with the simple texture of an arch shape stitched into them, or the reversible sage green towels, one with a fine grid, one boldly checkered…)

For Anna and Bailey, the core idea behind Baina was to create a ceremony of self-care. A shower or bath is often the only time we have to be with ourselves, no screens, no-one else demanding our attention. Having a freakin’ beautiful towel, from a brand you believe in, to extend that moment of calm and presence? Yip, totally worth the investment.

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Same but different – the Atlas tabletop swivels to re-position

New from New Zealand designer Nathan Goldsworthy, the Atlas Table. Crafted from solid blocks of Oak (on the base), with a disc top shaped from New Zealand Rimu – love the use of two different timbers. The top swivels and moves so it can be positioned perfectly. I’ve also spied a taller, smaller sidetable Atlas on the Goldsworthy Studio Instagram, hoping Nathan releases that soon too.


Line Duo

New from our faves at Douglas and Bec – and straight to the top of my personal wishlist – the Line Duo Table Lamp. Refined yet playful, it’s also large enough (30cm wide and 62cm tall) to make a sculptural statement in any space. The bulbs are hand-blown glass, and come in your choice of white, camel, blush pink or midnight (the deep sea green above).

As with everything Douglas and Bec, this piece was designed by Bec Snelling and her vision is then given life by Bec’s dad, master craftsman Douglas Snelling, and their small team of collaborators.


Best of the Best – Graphic, Part II

Small Brand Identity by One Design for La Fuente – a wine and mezcal bar in Auckland.

Actually making me want to buy supermarket soap, and that’s no mean feat.
Especially love the still life imagery. By Milk for Health Basics.

A new visual identity for an Auckland institution, Cazador. By Seachange

Firstly – Longboys? Best name. Secondly, I’m disproportionately upset that these gourmet finger donut shops are actually in London, not NZ. Never mind, the design team are here in New Zealand – Akin design studio, with illos by Natasha Vermeulen

I posted some of the Lesse brand by NZ designer Natasha Mead (and her studio, 1/1) a few weeks back, but if anything’s worthy of double dipping, this is.

Excellent packaging for this NZ range of plant patties, designed by Curious.

My favourite of all the Student Design finalists, this ode to Sandwiches (same, Sonia, same) by Wellington design graduate Sonia Mijatov.


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