New Things

Sinks of my technicolour dreams.
(If you’re lucky enough to be seriously shopping, these are the new Azzurra Colors 1250 range of ceramic sinks)

I’m immature in Fine Art Years. What I mean is, I’m not sure I’ve ever found a single piece of art I would happily spend thousands of dollars on. Until now. Australian photographer Brooke Holm first popped onto my radar through the interior photography she’s in demand for, but its her newest body of work that stopped in my tracks and has me ready to put a big purchase on the credit card. Mineral Matter is a series of fine art aerial photographs Brooke shot in Iceland. All prints are showing at and available for sale through Modern Times gallery in Melbourne.

I like everything Australian homeware brand Sly does, especially their new Harlan limited edition side table with its terrazzo top. Think this would be especially cool in a bathroom.

Arise step stool by Copenhagen-based Million, and their just-launched Arise bench. Yes to all.

I love the series of Tone Cabinets by Norm Architects for Zilencio – the colour palette, the fabric upholstery (which actually acts as a sound-dampening material to reduce the acoustics in a room), the fact they come in your choice of three sizes and two heights, the handles (close-up pic for you above, because I need you to see those handles), and the square tray they each come with. All boxes ticked.

I try to keep one beady eye on Australian designer Rachel Castle at all times. You never know when she’s going to pop out with a new something lovely, like these new burnt-sorbet cushions. I’ll never say no to a pom-pom.

I’d love a drinks trolley as storage in my kitchen. This one, the Trace trolley by Australian designer Adam Goodrum (available from Tait), is designed for outdoor use. I’d choose black for my place, but I’m all heart eyes for that burnt coral version up there.

Happy weekend, kids!



New Things

Photography by Tom Blachford

Dream house situ. This is an ex candy factory in inner-city Melbourne, transformed into a light-filled family home by Folk Architects. A perforated pink sheet metal bridge links the bedrooms on the upper level (the look avoids being too sickly-sweet thanks to otherwise light neutral colours and soft textures throughout) and outside, they’ve kept the heritage facade at front, alongside a modern black upper level extension. I want to know who lives here and their email address please; asking for a friend.

I just really like this concept – Matchbox – by designer Sara Polmar. With a powder coated folded steel sleeve that slides over top of a stained timber box, these are designed to be used as small shelves, drawers, or freestanding storage boxes. Caught a bunch of attention at this year’s Milan Design Week.

Photography by Ari Hatzis

No. 19 Society, one of the newest additions to Melbourne’s cafe scene.  Designed by architects Biasol.

Frankie Spaces volume 4 is here! 206 pages of inspiring, definitely-not-cookie-cutter homes. This is consistently a good buy – just the price of a couple of magazines, but the content and longevity of a coffee table book. Order online here.

Sum of Us, in Melbourne city, is a new concept for wellness centres.  It combines a physiotherapy, massage therapy and dietetics clinic with the aesthetics of a luxury retreat, and includes a contemporary yoga and pilates studio, and a modern cafe. Watch for this concept to get copied in other cities as health clinics realise they don’t have to be stale and sterile, and that actually, we want a beautiful environment while we’re taking care of ourselves. Designed by interior architects We Are Huntly.



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