Well and Good – Hana Space

Handmade ceramics by Waiheke Island’s Thea Ceramics;
naturopathic organic teas from Mayde Tea

Forever florals by Mark Antonia

Artwork by The Hera Series

I love that they’ve left the floor perfectly imperfect

Gorgeous custom shelving unit that echoes the curvature seen throughout the space.

Arch mirrors by Sunday Homestore feature throughout the space; beautiful arched towels by Baina

Photography by Jono Parker

In Auckland’s Grey Lynn, the developer behind Ponsonby Fire Station, City Works Depot and Osbourne Laneways has turned an old industrial scrapyard into a series of organic, character-filled spaces. And the newest resident of The Scrapyard is this incredible wellness business, Hana.

Hana founder Sara Higgins’ worked as a pharmacist for over a decade, fuelled by a passion for helping people on their wellness journeys. When faced with her own health struggle, she began to focus more on the root causes of illness and how to support the body to repair itself. She discovered for herself the healing power of infrared saunas and red light therapy, and set about creating a space to offer these world-class treatments to others (along with massage and pilates), within a sanctuary that would encourage deep relaxation and self-care.

This quiet chrysalis in the city was designed by interior architects Pennant and Triumph (who also created much of the custom cabinetry and seating), in collaboration with Sara.

HANA website  /  HANA Instagram




Soft and simple, by Australia’s Pierce Widera.

A double-height kitchen in an historic home, with an Aga built into the fireplace cavity, and it’s own rail ladder? Heck yes.

A converted warehouse home in Melbourne, by interior stylist Lisa Koehler. See more over at Est Living, here

The S trifecta of Simple, Soft but Sculptural seems to be becoming a common thread around here. The combination just works so well – a soft and simple colour and material palette, but layered with art and objects that are really sculptural and bold of form. Chic, but curvy in all the right places.

Tiles like these typically get laid vertically, but I appreciate a little 90-degree switch-up.

This scullery moment is part of the beautiful Beach House by Studio Esteta.

Yes, yes I did include this primarily for the dining table – it’s by Studio Henk and I WANT ONE.


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Absolute escapism on this rainy, grey Sunday in New Zealand. Wishing I could *I dream of Genie* and magic myself and a few friends to The Wensley, a luxury accommodation set on a secluded pocket of land tucked in behind Victoria’s Surf Coast. Designed by Byrne Architects, with rustic-meets-refined interior design by Lisa Buxton, the recycled timber building pays homage to an iconic Aussie farm shed. A warm, bracing space to escape to – the architectural version of having the arms of Jamie Fraser/Sam Heughan wrapped around you, don’t you think? Or maybe I’ve been watching too much Outlander. But them’s some arms (his, and The Wensley’s) I’d happily have wrapped around me.

The Chimenee Phillipe fireplace is a feature of the living space 

Beautiful tactile details, selected by interior designer Lisa Buxton 

The Wensley is entirely clad in recycled Oregon and Ironbark timbers

Photography Lisa Cohen

I bags first in the outdoor bath.

When you book The Wensley you and your party get exclusive access to the 80 acre property.

Additional photography by Rhiannon Taylor, see more of her imagery of The Wensley here.


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Incredible ensuite in the home of Yoanna Kulan. Yoanna, lucky girl, has a huge open-plan bedroom which includes a low-slung bed, armchairs, a freestanding bath across from the bed, and then this, the marble shower (and you know how I love a shower seat) and walk-in-wardrobe. Ugh.

The rest of Yoanna’s home is equally incredible (case in point above – living and dining room above). You should immediately go and stalk her Instagram, her Pinterest and her website.

Looking at interior design by Kate Marker always makes me run off and start googling Turkish Rugs NZ

 See what I mean?

Along with Turkish rugs, Kate Marker also has a penchant for steel frame windows. These ones with the white sheers are divine.
(plus, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T.R.)

More steel frame windows in this Kate Marker master bedroom, this time with chalky blue drapes.

A Turkish rug and steel frame window…. must be a Kate Marker bathroom.

Another gorgeous Turkish rug, this time an extra extra long hall runner – so pretty. Arches also feature prominently in Kate’s work…

(Needs a Turkish rug.)

I shy away from sharing exteriors, but…. this gate!

Kate Marker is also a master of farmhouse-style kitchens. Stately and solid shaker kitchens that balance a sense of grandeur with an airy, organic edge.

Two sinks, two centre islands – now that’s just being greedy.

File Kate Marker interiors in: Luxury American Lake House.


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