Love the gentle modernity of white-painted brick.

Amazing dining set by Made by Morgen

Photography by Rochelle Eagle via Est Magazine

I have burst into flames and drifted into the sky as ashes! This space! Designed by interior architect Leora McMahon of Welcome To Here (Leora, girl you a genius), it’s the Homestead accommodation at Seville Estate, a winery and restaurant in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. There’s a lot more to see of this place too – go check it out over at Est.

Best bath EVER! See more of this home here.

Loves an uneven tile these days.

If you, like me, are in the Venn diagram overlap of Concrete Tub Lovers and Dark Green Wall Fans, this mud room is for you.

Today is a good day! It’s a double amazing-mud-room-with-concrete-tub day!
Also, how good are these terracotta tiles on the floor? Terracotta is very much coming back in tiling.

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New Year Spaces!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack… and boy do I have a goodie for you. This loft apartment, designed by Mira
Eng-Goetz of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Don’t just scroll on by in that numb way we sometimes do, either –  this one deserves you to really pause and look at all the details…

Details like those amazing big windows, brick lintels and original timber ceilings that all date back to the very early 1900’s… and is that a piece of contemporary New Zealand design I spy?

Oh my goodness, that sink and countertop! (Side note for kitchen reno’ers: maximising storage in lower cabinets rather than upper cabinets will make your space feel larger)

Oh wow.

Wow, the sequel.

Photography by Aaron Leitz

I’m as inspired by the person who lives here as by the home itself – Pam Williams, a 74 year old retired public library director (and widow, who now volunteers with the city’s Art Museum). Clear proof that age doesn’t dictate taste level – I don’t even know you and I have a lady-crush on you, Pam.

I’ve always said I sort of hate wet-room style showers (no shower box), but I’d make an exception for this one –  the tiled bench seat and second hand-held shower head suggest this home owner likes sitting down in the shower, which is a life choice I co-sign.

Cute linen bedhead, cute custom cabinetry, cute sphere handles.

These handsome heritage bathrooms (in this amazing home) caught my eye this week. Details like the bronze tapware, beadboard panelling on the ceiling, and that fatty fat marble countertop with dupont profile edge (delicious!) ramps up the stately feel.

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Planning a makeover or reno for the new year?
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It’s the the bumper annual holiday edition of Spaces! We’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks, so to celebrate, I have a Christmas lolly scramble for you in the form of lovely interiors – and it’s a proper lolly scramble, with Macintosh toffees (except Coconut), Minties and Eclairs, not cellophane-wrapped no-name-brand lollies. Get outa here with those.

Did you know that IKEA is coming to New Zealand next year? Hark the herald angels sing! The lovely double apron-front ceramic sink in this kitchen is from IKEA, by the way. It’s called the Havsen – as in, you havsen a lovely kitchen sink. The wide shiplap cladding on the far wall also caught my eye – classic feel, clean finish.

This sexy building is Archway Depot, London’s newest photography studio and event space located in a 19th-century warehouse.

(Love the kitchen island on castors.)

It’s my dream to have a space like this to work from.

This is an eatery (The recently-opened Coffee Sometime, in Amsterdam), but if I was an interior designer I’d definitely steal this affordable bench seat idea for a residential dining space. Those amazing lamps are by Muller Van Severen. After some Googling, I can also tell you the chairs – now on my wishlist – are the Isabella by Danish Designs.

So much to love here – the raw timber island, the arched hallways (yes, this place has arched hallways), the industrial-feel ceiling and floor, the choice of tiles. (Have we reached peak arch? *interrupts self* How dare you even suggest that!) See more of this loft conversion over at Dezeen.

Appreciating the autumnal tones in this apartment.

A multi-award-winning project, this is an addition to the rear of a home in London’s Dollis Hill. Love the deep vertical ‘fins’ of oak in the walls and ceiling, and the built-in bench.

Some places just have heart, you know? This is one of those – A family home in Byron Bay. Go and see the full tour over on the inimitable The Design Files, with photography by Kara Roselund. (P.S: owner of this home, founder of Babyccino children’s boutiques, and mum-of-five Courtney Adamo shares her life and style on Instagram, here)

And it wouldn’t be Christmas around here without a fresh new Aesop store to go ‘ooooooh’ about. Jokes, this is actually my bathroom!

Right, get out of here and go have a great holiday.

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Planning a makeover or reno for the new year?
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Scandinavian apartments are my love language.

P.S.A: If you love these chairs, they’re get-able in New Zealand at Williams Road.

Beautiful deep green in the kitchen. Love the wee matching green shelf, and the touch of terrazzo

Ok, I really dig this room colour – it reads as pinkish in some lights, taupe in others.
Also double love the sheers.

(psst: layered rugs)

Photography Annette O’Brien for The Design Files

If you’ve been following The New for any length of time, you’ll know we love Australian furniture and homeware brand Pop & Scott around here.  Well this is the fun, layered, lived-in home of Pop & Scott founders, Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson. To see the whole home (believe me, you want to) – head to The Design Files.

This beautiful space is part of a homestead on a 65,000 hectare cattle station in a remote North-West corner of NSW Australia. The dining table is an old almost-4-metre-long draughtsman’s table (heart eyes).

Pickings from the property’s olive trees on display in the bedroom – Love the arrangement at the head of the bed.

Sage green touches throughout the house extend to this small workspace. Love the narrow cabinet on the left there – hidden storage is my fave. Bonus snoozey dog frens!

The mid-century clay pink light, the chair-as-bedside, the rug-as-wall-tapestry, the deep sand paint colour… lots to love here.


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