It just doesn’t feel right writing pithy little things about beautiful rooms this weekend… So instead of comments, I’ll just share a link to this Give a Little page set up by NZ Victim Support, in case you’d like to give something to help the victims of the Christchurch tragedy. The 49 fellow New Zealanders who were slaughtered were someone’s dad, someone’s mum, someone’s child, someone’s grandfather. They may well have been the main breadwinner in the family. If you can’t give, you can still make a difference: take flowers to your local mosque, refute the subtle, casually-racist crap that cousin or workmate of yours has always got away with saying, or just smile at and greet your (figurative) neighbour. We can be shining lights, so let’s do that.

Photography by Sean Fennessy
Portsea Beach House by Studio Esteta. See the rest of this home at Est Magazine.

The home of interior stylist Lucie Vacková – follow her blog or Instagram

The home office of Sarah Van Peteghem – Coco Lapine

See the rest of this nursery over at Domino

By designer Yaroslav Priadka


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Oh, wow. Wowowowowowowowowow. These tiles are now top of my dream-home tile leaderboard.
Matte marble, soft blush tone, gently tumbled edge… and giving me a modern take on a terracotta tile lewk. (They also come in a square tile).

Dreamy dressing room at Amelie & Frank’s, designed by Hecker Guthrie

Love the vintage bed and Turkish rug
Prepare for your ovaries to explode when you see this Instagram account
Small idea to steal: blanket on a coat hanger when not in use. If it’s a nice one, you might as well have it out on display as in a cupboard.

I semi-regularly check in on the Golden website just to see if they have new interior design projects. They do! This home in Armadale, Melbourne. Also, is that low storage unit made of travertine? Dead.

One for your Tiling pin-board.  Designed by March Twice Interiors.
Photography by Ryan Linnegar

Still really appreciating a greyish sage colour for living and bedroom walls.
This scene also features one of my favourite chairs, the & Tradition Loafer armchair (in white)

Simple workspace inspo. Love the drama of the black against that pinky taupe

The glam, deco home of photographer, illustrator and tastemaker Garance Doré – author of the bestseller Love, Style, Life. See more of the inimitable interior over at Domino (where they also give links to loads of the homeware and materials used)


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Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box



So elegant! I love the use of brown tones in the door frames and drapes. Pretty sure that dining room has brown walls too, yet it still feels fairly fresh and light thanks to the bare floors and white accents.

It’s an unfair advantage, having beautiful bones like these. It’s like when you buy a hat based off a model wearing one. Of course they look amazing in it, so I buy it… and then look like 2014 Pharrell. Anyway, you could definitely rock the beautiful aesthetic of this space at your place, even if your bones aren’t this glorious. Invest in real linen and lots of pillows and euros, layer sand and nude tones over a white base, and choose materials from nature.
PS: Smoked Amber glass for the win.

Another day, another stunning home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This babe’n boho abode belongs to Olivia Babarczy, founder of resort wear brand The Plunge Collective and a sister design practice, The Interior Collective. Pick up a copy of the latest Real Living magazine to see the rest of this home, or head here for plenty more pics.

Idea to steal: Black picture ledge, lined with black framed art prints.

Let’s play this game again: What Would You Change? I’d remove the belly basket, because it’s making me uncomfortable –  it’s too 2016, and it only fits one rolled up towel in it, which makes no sense.
Other than that… lovely laundry!

Love this teeny terracotta toilette

Yes to open shelving in the kitchen. There’s a fine line between styled and nick-nacky, and designer and blogger Sarah Van Peteghem (Coco Lapine) always gets it Goldilocks (juuuust right).

I appreciate this is super pared back but (a) I’m quite into that, and (b) I thought you might be interested in what the home of the Brand & Design Manager of legendary design company Menu looks like. Joachim Engell-Hansen is only 26, but Menu is a three-generation family business, so he was raised on beautiful minimalist design. For the full tour around Joachim’s house and a very interesting interview with him, go here.

You know I have a soft spot for teeny kitchens!  This little darling belongs to the founder of Hunting for George.

Amazing kitchen!  That huge central island, the separate nook on the left there (coffee station?), the scullery with french doors, the luxe materials in muted tones…. Designed by the one and only Fiona Lynch.

Best scullery I’ve seen in forever.

Coffee station? Whatever it is, it’s sublime.

Doors to the scullery – adore this reeded glass

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Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box



The very lovely bathroom reno of Shannon Vos (past winner of The Block AU). Love the vertical tiling (seeing a lot of this now, let’s call it the evolution of the subway tile), love the terrazzo tile on the wall (that, to me, reads like concrete). They’ve also managed to fit both a shower and bath in this teeny bathroom by creating a wet area with bath and shower within it (or, another way of looking at it, a large shower with a bath inside it). The small step-down into this area keeps water from the kids’ bathtime out of the dry area of the bathroom. To see all the angles of this clever small-space design, go here.

Couldn’t resist sharing a whole handful of pics from this turn of the century home in Gothenburg… (Side note for upcoming milestone birthday: would love one of those Muuto Restore baskets in the Sand colourway.)

The palette of mostly layered neutrals gives this space personality without needing to shout.

I like playing this game: What Would You Chaaaaaange?  (Imagine I’m singing that, like a Jingle. Because I am.)
The game is; you can only change two things. I’d swap the two pieces of art out for one much larger piece, and put in a cool pendant light, maybe an oversized rattan one. Oh and take that cushion off the floor. (No, that’s not three things, it doesn’t even count. It’s one of those games you’d play as a kid and your friend would make up the rules as you went.) What would you switch up?

Gorg home office situation.

Love the beige-on-beige palette, and the gooseneck faucet that lends a little industrial feel.

I dig pretty much everything These Walls founder Sara Hingle does, so was excited to see her home in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. My fave spaces are Sara’s bathroom and laundry. How good is the terrazzo shower, and her laundry tiling and tapware?

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Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box

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