Fairest of them All


Christchurch designer Joska Easterbrook has added to his range of simple, spectacular (and handmade) circular mirrors.

Now it’s even harder to choose your finish – between satin white or satin black powder coated steel, or maybe the polished or brushed brass, or a satin brushed stainless steel. Erm… all of the above?
Joska & Sons mirrors come in three standard sizes (500mm, 650mm and 900mm diameter), but custom sizes are also available on request.


Drawing Parallels

I’ve broken my ankle. Feel sorry for me.

You know what has good bones though? This beauty by New Zealand’s Simon James, who infuses character into clean, uncomplicated forms. This is the Parallel Chair – available in many different finishes, my favourites being the navy upholstery and a khaki ‘fatigues’ linen upholstery (not shown here).



Volcanic Vessels

New from Wellington ceramicist Paige Jarman, a whole new aesthetic direction, inspired by the pink and white terraces. (Actually, Paige tells me it was the geothermal branding in this post that planted the seed of the idea – how cool is that?)

Along with mugs, the range includes handleless tumblers and backwards-handled mugs. And though there are a number of specific styles/designs with names like Crater Lake and Treescape, each piece is decorated by hand, so has its own unique brushstrokes and proportions that no other piece shares.

OK, we have to talk about these photos for a minute – Paige used dry ice to get that creeping, steamy geothermal mist look and collaborated with Wellington photographer Bonny Beattie on these campaign-standard images – aren’t these photos amazing? New Zealand’s contemporary craft scene keeps levelling up…

The Crater Lake tumblers are dipped in black lava glaze and decorated with indigo splatters

Photography by Bonny Beattie


Paige Jarman mugs and tumblers are
available now from Paige’s online store,
and online at Sunday Homestore




Sunday, everyday

A curated collection of things for little ones

Style and substance – Sunday Homestore stocks world-class NZ brand, Sans 


Sphaera soaps, handmade in Wellington. (Sweet Orange and Calendula, yum)
We’re super proud to have the best of New Zealand designed and made skincare
Grid trays from Scandinavian brand Fine Little Day


Depths by Jenna Smith, and Palm by interior designer Coco Lapine – from our collection of prints
Lots of things for the Kitchen & Table – including NZ handmade ceramics
Our black and brass wall hooks with the black Sunday Bench bench seat


We have a biiiiig selection of ceramics, all from New Zealand makers.
In all the excitement of opening a shop, I forgot to actually post here that we opened a shop. So… yeah… we opened a shop! A little design + life store – called Sunday – out at Waihi Beach.
But if you’re not anywhere close to Waihi Beach, and you can’t pop out here for a swim, and a gelato, and a visit (you totally should) you can still visit us online – because as of tonight, our online homeware store is now also open!
Sunday is also on Instagram  ~ @sundayhomestore


I find it very hard to talk about myself or big up what I’m doing (I’m forcing myself not to re-type this 14,546 times)… but I am proud to say I’m finally focusing 100% on what I love. And what I love is to curate and share the very best of New Zealand design with you. (And international design. But mainly New Zealand.)
This blog (which will continue, and elevate itself further in the new year) – and now Sunday – are both ways for me to do that.
I have so much cool, lovely stuff around the corner! – both here, on the blog for you, and at Sunday. For Sunday things, come join me over on Instagram @sundayhomestore – I’ll be keeping the blog and Sunday quite separate, generally.


Huge thanks to Rachel Dobbs (Swift & Click) for these photos of Sunday. 


You’re the actual, actual best.

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