Good Turn

Bec and Douglas – Daughter and Dad, Designer and Maker, Dreamers and Doers both
Photograph Greta van der Star


Every Douglas and Bec collection is a love story of craftsmanship, art history and contemporary interiors. And the New Zealand Dad and Daughter team’s 2018 collection, Turn, continues the anthology, with this ode named after the art of wood turning.

Designer Bec Dowie has created 14 new pieces for the new collection, including a slim side table, dresser and big beautiful hutch dresser. There’s also new linear pendant lights and wall lights which would add an architectural sophistication to any space (these come in chrome, but also in natural, lacquered or blackened brass, too) and a floor lamp with a playful Dutch feel.

Douglas and Bec pieces always manage to feel both right-on-time and timeless. They feel like nothing you’ve seen before yet somehow are familiar… like future-you is looking at a New Zealand design classic, know what I mean?

See everything in the Turn collection here.



Citta – Arcadia

Love these extra long rectangular cushions 

New Compound sideboards and drawers in a beautiful new range of colours

My favourite cushions from this new collection – handwoven real linen, and you know I love a grid

This handwoven linen with the subtle grid has been made into tablecloths, napkins, aprons, as well as cushions and a throw. Ooh and – robes and bathroom bags…

Velvet roundies – cuter

Lots of new woven textures in the Citta fam

Compound Bedside Cabinet in blush – NEED.

Linen bathroom bags – also come in a sand-coloured natural linen and the olive or citron grid

Days That Are Good: when you find wild freesias to pick and your whole house smells like them, when you eat carbs for the first time in ages and smash half a loaf of just-baked sourdough, when you find a new musician to love and it makes you feel 75% cooler than normal, and when Citta Design launch a new collection.

These images are from the Citta Spring 2018 collection, titled Arcadia. Citta name each collection after a place in the world (remember their name means City in Italian), and Arcadia is both a destination in Greece, and an ancient Greek concept that refers to an utopian vision of unspoiled wilderness and harmony with nature.

There’s lots of quiet colours and woven materials and I’m very here for it all. My favourite pieces are the handwoven linen grid cushions, the linen bathroom bags, and the new Compound sideboard in sage green and bedside drawers in blush.


Tim Webber

Otto chair (also comes in Navy velvet)

Dowel pendant (serving Mid Century feels)

Donut Side Table

Nixon Stool

Pivot Coffee Table (shown here in walnut with a limestone top,
but also comes in oak with a carrara marble top )

Walker chair


New Zealand designer Tim Webber has an all-new collection, launched at this year’s Den Fair. The Otto chair up there is my fave – I love how sumptuous it looks in that mustard velvet, yet the wire base lends it a light airy feel, don’t you think? As with all of Tim’s pieces, there are multiple options for materiality – so you choose your own adventure.


Good with Wood

After struggling to find kids furniture that was New Zealand-made, sustainable and playful, mum of three Hannah Fox decided to create her own. Her brand, HideSeek, makes creative, contemporary kids furniture – with a range that includes the Hideout Bed because what kid wouldn’t love their own bedroom hut (p.s: love the little letterbox), Hideout Stool and Hideout Bench (handy to help little shorties to reach things), a great little play/dine table, and the cutest cloud shelf.

If we’re talking about creative furniture for your kids, I can’t leave out fur-kids. Fur-kids are kids too! This is the new Milly Bed by our friends at NDC – a flat-pack pet bed in two sizes that comes with/without a door, and with other custom options like black detailing.

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