Light Up


NZ designer Amy Howell has channelled a modern 80’s vibe for You’re Welcome’s 2018 collection of cushions, Light Up.

She’s switching up the cushion game with textures you’re not finding anywhere else – padding, quilting, nylon and that cool exaggerated foam piping. You’re Welcome doesn’t just want to give you a cushion, but a design object in its own right.  I think Amy articulated the aesthetic best when she emailed me these words to describe her Light Up collection: marshmallows, clouds, sun showers, cut green grass, sleepovers and swimming pools. Exactly.


Kin + Harlem


One thing we’ve been sadly lacking is a decent variety of New Zealand designed-and-made shelving options. COME THRU ZAVEDO!
The New Zealand design team have come up with a veritable Choose Your Own Adventure solution for shelving…

Kin is a super sleek, modular shelving system that comes in single shelf, double shelf, four and five shelf options, and in two widths. I want one in my kitchen as an open-shelving option, k? Thanks. The finish is matte black anodised and there’s not one screw in sight.

Harlem is a shallower shelf (I’d call it a ledge) in white or black, also in two widths, that fastens to the wall through a couple of good looking discs. Choose to have the discs the same colour as the ledge, or a contrasting finish, including brass.

Zavedo also have a bunch of other design niceness – go see here.


Boobs & Bananas

It doesn’t happen nearly often enough (I’m not complaining… I kind of am) and when it does, you gotta move fast. Wellington ceramic designer Felicity Donaldson has stocked up her Wundaire shop, with banana planters, boob vessels, a whole swag of her terrazzo range, and more. Time to treat yo self.


Photography & Styling by Bonny Beattie, Art Direction Felicity Donaldson


Made of Tomorrow

From the Fold range – candleholders in the four finishes of this season:
white, black and forest green powdercoat, and solid brass

Just in time for your Christmas List comes the SS17 range from New Zealand homeware brand Made of Tomorrow. This new collection sees more products added to their super popular (and practical) Fold range, new minimalist stationery, and on point colourways – white, black and forest green powdercoat, and solid brass.  I’m all over the green.

See my pic picks below – or head to the Made of Tomorrow store to see it all.

A fave from the new collection – the Fold magazine rack in brass. Or green. Or both.

The Fold wall hooks come in threes

Made of Tomorrow’s ledges (this is the 450mm, they also come in 900mm wide)
are the perfect minimalist shelving solution. LOVE.

Bedside babe 

The collection includes a series of art prints

Desk Tear Calendar

Made of Tomorrow’s new planners are a full A4 size, and are 400 pages thick. Deliiiicious.

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