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Coconut chia pudding

Bacon Banana Waffles


New(ish) to Wellington’s cafe scene, Comes & Goes (seriously great name) designed by NZ interior architects Pennant & Triumph.

Design is in the details – like that big circular kitchen pass (love the in-built shelving, and the wall clad with thin vertical battens); the curvy like-yo-girl counter (also wearing those sexy battens); the Douglas and Bec brass pendants and wall lights; the No. 18 Bentwood Bar Stools by Thonet; and the original native timber floorboards. Also, if you and I ever go out for breakfast, I will race you to the banquette… I always call shotgun on a nice banquette.

And look at that food! The minimal, linear interior is a great foil for the explosion of colour, edible flowers and artistry happening on the plates here. And while this is not a food blog (Google Comes & Goes and you’ll find loads of rave food reviews) you might like to know that Comes & Goes serves a number of Korean-fusion dishes, alongside lots of other all-day-breakfast type dishes, and plenty for veges and vegans.  You cannot get a good banh mi where I live so that’d be my first pick, although this also sounds real good: Al Brown sesame seed Ugly Bagel with mashed avocado, ricotta, dried tomato, 63-degree cooked egg, fennel seeds, lime zest and paprika oil. What’s Korean for heck yeah?


Wellington photographer Meg Wyper shot these images for The New, thank you Meg!
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Good Taste.


Husband and wife Rich and Catriona were living in LA when they connected with brothers Tom and Zak (fellow expat New Zealanders). Becoming fast friends, the four would hang out and drink lots of kombucha. Booch is big in LA. Talk eventually turned to creating their own kombucha brand, back home in New Zealand. So when Rich’s Visa ran out and he wasn’t able to work for some months, he devoted his time to become a booch expert, and travelled around the states researching, and learning, tasting, brewing and testing.

The four friends have set out to create a higher-end kombucha – to elevate the drink from being viewed narrowly as a health choice, to just being a goddamn delicious bevvie, that just so happens to also be super good for you.

Fast forward a couple of years, and back in New Zealand, they’ve launched Batchwell. It caught my eye with its simple but sophisticated design and packaging, and the contemporary art direction – which is all thanks to Auckland designers Studio South.

Something else that makes Batchwell a little extra spesh is that fact that it’s served on tap at eateries such as Ostro, where it’s also used in magic-sounding cocktails. It’s also bottled in amber glass, to preserve the probiotic potency. For those of you who know your booch, you may also like to know that Batchwell is brewed in glass. While it may cut costs to do much larger production volumes using commercial stainless steel vessels, brewing in small batches and using glass minimises the risk of leaching. Quality over quantity, just the way we like it, right?

Batchwell is sold at Farro, a number of Auckland eateries (with others around New Zealand on the way very soon), and will have an online store live in the next couple of months. They’re working on new flavours, including special limited-time seasonal flavours (currently, they’ve got an Organic Braeburn on offer).

I’ll take one case of the Pineapple and Ginger, please.


Batchwell website (online store coming soon)  |   Instagram   |   Facebook

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