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Buy yourself flowers.

Specifically, one of these romantic, velvety, painterly portraits of flowers – styled by NZ floral designer Holly Tong (@wildgardenflowers), and captured by NZ photographer Runa Kuru @runalk.

The two Gisborne-based friends have launched Runa + Holly, creating these large scale dreamscapes inspired by the famous Dutch flower paintings of the 16th Century. They’re limited edition, and by that I mean very limited – there’s only ever 5 copies of each print, in each size.

There are three sizes available – the largest being a real statement at 800 x 1200 – and each is printed on luxurious, gallery-quality 308gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

The two friends had talked for some time about collaborating, and with a shared passion for interior design and having beautiful pieces on their own walls, the idea for the Runa + Holly prints bloomed quite naturally.

Series One is available online now from Runa + Holly


Give Good Gift

Photography by Bonny Beattie


The Kiss Co.’s Ami Muir, stationery addict, has just launched the third edition of The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book. Edition toru has a nature theme, and 10 New Zealand creatives have each contributed one original design to be turned into oversized sheets of gift wrapping paper. As much as the feel is very New Zealand based, I promise there’s not a buzzy bee or a pavlova in sight.

The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book ($30) includes 10 individual illustrated wrapping papers, each folded to A4 and perforated inside the book.

The 10 artists and illustrators featured in this book are Lou Wright, Katie Wilson, Jo Pearson, Lisa Baudry, Flora Waycott, Alice Berry, Melissa Boardman, Cat McKay & Fiona Gibb, Bec Brown and Amy Van Luij

Buy online at The Kiss Co.

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