At home and at work with Jessica Whiting, of Auckland Fair (NZ’s biggest independent maker market)

Jess plans, manages and runs the Auckland Fair from her home office

Compulsory home-office staff: an adorable fur-friend (this is Jasper, he’s a rescue pup)

Visiting one the hundreds of NZ makers who Jess personally selects to show and sell at Auckland Fair – Yon of Claybird Ceramics

Discussing Yon’s stall position for this weekend’s Auckland Fair
At Shed 10 on Auckland’s waterfront for a pre-event walk-through with key sponsor, Yellow

Checking out another venue for the fair Maker’s evening

Jess’ spaces are filled with homeware created by New Zealand makers

Jessica Whiting is one of the good ones. 
She’s the person (the one person – um, how does she do all that by herself?) behind New Zealand’s largest and exclusively handmade ‘maker market’ – the Auckland Fair. On the day of the fair (which now happens three times a year), over 5,000 people stream into Shed 10 on Auckland’s waterfront to check out and buy direct from the very best of New Zealand’s design-meets-craft talent. Jess curates the maker line-up, personally selecting over 120 of the best makers – from homeware to skincare and everything in between – who come from right around NZ to show and sell at each fair. Can you imagine what it takes to organise 135 stalls and makers to come together to show for over 5,000 visitors under one roof in one day? My head just ‘sploded. Not to mention the mini-events she runs before each fair, and the pop-up fair experiences she puts together. She does it because she’s hugely passionate about design and craft, passionate about independent business and sailing your own ship. Over the 6 years she’s been putting on the Auckland Fair, she’s become an event planning powerhouse, so much so that this year, she launched her own boutique event management company, Oh Gosh. She does all of this while raising a beautiful young daughter, and being generally just a good, generous awesome person.
The next Auckland Fair is on this weekend! 
Sunday 6th December at Shed 10, Queens Wharf from 10am to 4pm. $5 entry, kids under 12 free.
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Photography by talented new grad Sophie Miya-Smith for Fancy

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