Abroad – Melbourne’s The Club of Odd Volumes:

A B R O A D  –  Where we get to know New Zealand designers living overseas. Let’s meet Sarah and Matt Johnston (both from NZ but now calling Melbourne home), founders of The Club of Odd Volumes.
The Club of Odd Volumes is a curated online store, producing tees and sweats, kids’ tees and baby onesies (eeeeeeee), cushions, totes, tea towels, pillowcases and more, all featuring the work of The Odd Collective – a twice-yearly-updated roster of 20 independent illustrators and designers. And because they’re artists themselves, Sarah and Matt also produce their own in-house Club Merch too, which is consistently freakin’ awesome.
Working with 20 artists at a time means there’s an awesome variety of different aesthetic styles, subjects and mediums to choose from. And because the entire online store changes up every 6 months, keeping the clothing and textile designs freshy fresh.
As just a two-person team, Sarah and Matt really look after their artists; they’re not some factory churning out key rings and cringy merch. They’re always looking for new talent to join The Odd Collective, so follow them on Instagram to keep an eye out for the next artist call-out.
Sarah and Matt run the Club from a warehouse in Melbourne’s Collingwood, and live upstairs. Lucky! And lucky us getting to have a nosey…
















Get out of town with your inspiring selves. So cool, you two.


We are super thankful to have had professional photographer
(a fellow NZ’er living in Melbourne)
take time out of her schedule to shoot this story for Fancy.
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