Bonus Sunday, Bonus Spaces

Extra-long weekend means an extra-long edition of Spaces for you.  I’m starting off with a shameless attention-baiting doozy of a bathroom. (Yes, this really does exist in someone’s home – see more here.)

OK, that’s the last pink bathroom (this week), promise.
I love this colour with the concrete floors, don’t you? And always appreciate ‘invisible’ storage.

And now I’m thinking of a next-weekend project to rejuve our chest of drawers. This Tahitian green is so fresh, and so right now. I promise I won’t say ‘pop of colour‘, but I’m thinking it.

I hope you look through these spaces with me each week, and find a couple of ideas you’d like to steal. Like pilfering pretty neighbourhood foliage and putting it in an XL vase on the floor of your bedroom,
or using a rug in the corner of a space to create a little ‘zone’ (in this case, the bedroom, to create a wardrobe/dressing area).

A couple of scenes from the HQ of Australian homeware brand Cultiver. I love their beautiful soft meeting area, with the massive changeable moodboard. Cultiver Founder Nicolle’s office is both professional and pretty – the navy cotton jumpsuit of offices. And, of course, being a linen brand, they have an in-office bed for photoshoots (and productivity naps?).

Right, these are the show towels, ok family? We don’t use them. They’re just for visitors to see.
(Love the black honeycomb tiling, and the choice of art print with the choice of textile.)

The simplest, can’t-get-it-wrong palette – lots of white with wood and wicker. These small rectangular white tiles are a personal fave – they add texture and substance, without shouting.

I said no more pink bathrooms. No promises were made about pink bedrooms. This dreamy master belongs to a young architect and her director-producer husband, and is part of the renovation of their former-crumbling Brooklyn brownstone. Here’s the bathroom:

Want all-matching turmeric towels at your place? I do!
You can find these at New Zealand’s Mavis & Osborn.

More deep green walls – I love this colour for a bedroom (whether a whole wall or just some accents – a repainted chest of drawers, or coloured bed linen, say). It feels invigorating yet restful… and being darker, it has a romantic edge to it. Love a vertical shiplap, too – especially as an architectural accent.

Gratuitous tapware porn. The sinks are amazing, but it’s those white faucets that have me like a cartoon cat with love-heart eyes

Dream weaver – woven textures are so strong right now, and I love how soften and warm up a white base. The marble and chrome would have looked quite cold otherwise.


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Grazie, Grassie

It’s here! My most favourite time of the year! The time when all the new year diaries start coming out and I can studiously judge and rate them all, assessing the merits of each, before buying more than one person actually needs! (It’s an affliction.)

So that you can judge and rate these beautiful 2018 journals – from young NZ designer Gracia Galias and her new brand Grassie – let me share all their details: Three colourways (deep green, sand beige and tan peach), week to a spread planner, rounded corners, not-one-but-two ribbon markers, nice thick hard cover (no curly corners – good), beautiful minimal month planner at the start of every month, goal planning pages at the front, a nice big section (basically a whole extra notebook’s worth) of both lined and blank notes pages at the back, more monthly planner pages for projects, space for lists of things you want to see/buy/read etc, aaaannnd *takes a breath* a pocket folder in the inside back cover. I’m no easy judge, but Grassie, you’ve got four yeses; you’re through to the next round.

Also, for $5 extra (bargain!), you can have your diary monogrammed with up to four characters. I think we can all agree, this kicks the score up to an almost-perfect 9.5.

Available online from Grassie.co






Happy Monday, my design-loving lovelies!
Thought I’d use our regular interior inspo to kick off the week this week…

Love this muted colour palette for a bedroom – a white and grey base, layered with nude, blush and wicker. If you’d like a blush bedside, New Zealand interior designer Janice Kumar Ward (Mr & Mrs Ward) has some beautiful ones.

Pink and red – who knew! It works because it’s not trad pink and primary red, but a just-blush and a burnt coral. These colours together feel very ‘high summer’ to me – especially with the wood accents added.

A yummy example of something we’re seeing a lot lately – vertical shiplap-style interior walls. The use of this lining on a full accent wall and then along the kitchen cabinetry connects the spaces.
Narrow boards give a much more refined, delicate look than wider boards.

Oh this is wall colour is lovely. (Yes, I have turned into a Chelsea gentleman. And also run out of adjectives.) This homeowner knows herself, and knows colour. Here’s her bedroom:

Yes to green walls.

A kitchen trolley is a brill idea if you’re lacking kitchen storage – or just if you want to have a few favourite things out on display. (Want one too? Ikea have a few, the Sunnersta looks closest to this one)

Teeny grey grid tiling = instant Scandi feel.
(Especially teamed with the bleached-blonde pine countertop.)

Steal this idea – a hammock as a wall hanging over the bed, for everyday vacay vibes.


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Need more interior inspo? Get a free copy of The Ideas Book from Flooring Xtra


Made of Tomorrow

From the Fold range – candleholders in the four finishes of this season:
white, black and forest green powdercoat, and solid brass

Just in time for your Christmas List comes the SS17 range from New Zealand homeware brand Made of Tomorrow. This new collection sees more products added to their super popular (and practical) Fold range, new minimalist stationery, and on point colourways – white, black and forest green powdercoat, and solid brass.  I’m all over the green.

See my pic picks below – or head to the Made of Tomorrow store to see it all.

A fave from the new collection – the Fold magazine rack in brass. Or green. Or both.

The Fold wall hooks come in threes

Made of Tomorrow’s ledges (this is the 450mm, they also come in 900mm wide)
are the perfect minimalist shelving solution. LOVE.

Bedside babe 

The collection includes a series of art prints

Desk Tear Calendar

Made of Tomorrow’s new planners are a full A4 size, and are 400 pages thick. Deliiiicious.

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