Today’s Spaces is all about introducing you to some inspiring content creators in the Interiors niche…

Charlotte of Le Petit Fika is a master of soft nordic minimalism. Relevant to your aesthetic interests? Tour her home and styling adventures over at the Le Petit Fika blog and definitely give Charlotte a follow on Instagram

Meet your next woman crush, Carla Natalia. She describes herself as a stay-at-home-mum by day, stylist at night. I broke my own rule of including images of people in Spaces, because she’s a complete babe and I love her sartorial style as much as her home. Explore her interiors-and-wardrobe focused blog here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Last week we looked at some of designer Jaclyn Peter’s kitchens, but she’s also a boss in the bathroom.
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Counter Journal

Independent publishing is on the rise again and the latest design-lead magazine to come out of New Zealand is Counter Journal. With Issue One just out on shelves now (after the success of the Pilot Issue earlier this year) I thought it was a good time to intro you to the people behind the brand and the content inside the cover!

The founders of Counter Journal are young couple Zack Holmes and Bonnie Brown (Bonnie is a well-established artist, follow her on Insta here), and they put each issue together from their home studio in Mount Vic, Wellington.

Zack and Bon’s aim with Counter is to share the ‘most interesting stories you never knew you wanted to read’ – interviews, short stories, musings, opinion pieces, articles and research features – along with beautiful illustrations, and editorial and documentary-style photography. Released quarterly, Counter Journal features content from contributing writers, photographers and artists from New Zealand and abroad.

Issue One – out now

Counter Journal Pilot Issue



Counter Journal website – buy online or subscribe


Counter Journal Instagram


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Enlightened Beauty

New beauty brand Aleph is a trifecta of things I love and celebrate on The New: design-led, category-disrupting New Zealand brands, visionary New Zealand women at the helm of said brands, and – of course – modern, minimalist packaging and aesthetic.

In founding Aleph Beauty, Auckland makeup artist Emma Peters is realising a long-held dream. A dream to create a multi-functional makeup line, made here in New Zealand, that acts as much like skincare as it does cosmetics, without harming the planet, animals or the people wearing it.


My minimalist heart beats for simple stylish packaging. 

Debossed glass jars for the win

The Aleph range is a capsule collection, for those of us who want less products, that do more. The Foundation (in four shades – more coming) self-adjusts and is also a full-coverage concealer; the Radiance cream can be mixed with your foundation to give an ethereal glow, used as an eyeshadow, or applied to the high points of the face as a highlighter; and there’s a dual Lip/Cheek Tint. All the products are vegan (including the Diffuser Brush), and contain active skincare ingredients for antioxidant, anti-aging benefits, like algae extract, co-Q10 and an extract from NZ’s native Totara tree.

And at the risk of this sounding like an infomercial (which it is not – I came for the packaging and identity design, I stayed for the beauty info), when you buy your Aleph foundation, you also get sent a sample of the colour you have selected, so you can try it on your skin before opening the full product. You also get to choose a second sample (lighter or darker) to test alongside the colour you have selected. Then, if the full-size colour you ordered isn’t right, Aleph let you send it back, and they send out your new colour choice at no charge.

Congratulations Emma, there’s so much to love here.

Aleph Beauty online store  /  Aleph Beauty Instagram



Love this walk-in shower: has the spa-like feel of a wet-room, but with those two black-steel-framed screens, there’s just enough containment. The pared-back colour palette downplays just how Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous this bathroom is; and I like that. Let’s take a closer look at that far end, shall we?

Ugh, that sink! Also, a full dressing room down one end of the bathroom. Omg bye.

This is how you do Balance. Bold and brutalist against warm and organic. The travertine kitchen island is the absolute showstopper here.  Design by Pieter Vanrenterghem,

Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

Still loving seeing dark oak together with blonder timbers.

Love this in-built timber shelving tucked under the island. I don’t think I’ve seen this done before?

Jaclyn Peters, you sure give good Kitchen. Fave bits? Ah, everything. But if I had to pick two something, I’d say the shade of green – deep but dynamic; and the finishing flourish – the Turkish rug. (Always love the a living-room style rug in a kitchen.)

Another great kitchen from designer Jaclyn Peters.

Love the black sink, that blonde timber cabinetry (especially the wide linear handles), the Turkish rug…
I also love how the designer has used a mix of cabinetry in this space – warm oak, white groove-panelled, and the black steel and glass shown below:

And my favourite bit – this second small sink and set of cabinets next to the fridge.

Proud member of the Beige Brigade.

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Planning a room reno ? Get your pick of flooring samples sent to your door, with Flooring Xtra’s Sample Box

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