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Styling by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors; Photography by Armelle Habib


I want all of these limited edition works (originals and prints) by New Zealand artist Jen Sievers. She’s produced a collection especially for Greenhouse Interiors, super-aptly named Big Joy.

You can purchase from the Big Joy collection here, shop from Jen’s website, or check out more of Jen’s original and prints at endemicworld.

Jen Sievers website   /   Instagram



My all-time fave kitchen tiling – small white grid, white/soft grey grout. I don’t know that I’ve seen this with dark timber before, I love it. Also, anyone have a garden full of herbs I can come and pilfer? I wanna try some dried herb bundles…

So many imaginative styled corners and details in this six year old’s room, go here to see them all.

Big ‘ol concrete slab and bespoke joinery love.

I don’t think it’s fair that people with extremely beautiful faces, bodies and outfits also get extremely beautiful kitchens.
Let us lesser-fortunate-faced people have the nicer homes!

Best ever sink and faucets belonging to a beach house.

More of that deep timber designers are loving lately. In a workspace, it instantly gives a cultured, intellectual feel.

The home of your new favourite Instagrammer, Audrey Rivet. Audrey’s cat Barb has an amazing jaunty moustache and her own Instagram here. You’re welcome.


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Lucilla Gray

Wellington designer Lucilla Gray, wearing her Aurora earrings in Pearl

Lucilla works from her studio in central Wellington

Artwork by Lucilla’s partner Phil Andrews. An in-demand Animation/Art Director, Phil trades software for a
pencil after-hours as an award-winning hyper-realism portrait artist.

My two favourites from Lucilla’s line of statement earrings 

Aurora earrings – 14k gold plated stud with a tort teardrop

Pomona earrings – a new style being released just this week.
Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees and orchards, and this organic form was inspired by the shape of a pear.


It was Lucilla Gray’s contemporary jewellery I first spotted, and I just had to know more about the designer. So I asked photographer Nadine Ellen to visit Lucilla’s central Wellington studio, from which she runs her self-titled womenswear label.

Lucilla studied a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion at Massey – but her work started being noticed by stylists and magazines even before she finished uni. After an internship with Kate Sylvester and a bit of working travel, Lucilla returned to Wellington to start her own label. The Lucilla Gray aesthetic embraces structural silhouettes and an intelligently feminine feel, re-inventing timeless pieces for the modern woman. As well as working on a new jewellery collection for summer, Lucilla her currently preparing to launch a new made-to-order client service – a new-old-fashioned concept of tailor-making pieces which also embraces slow fashion, eliminates dead stock and reduces resource use. In an industry predominately driven by high-consumption fast fashion, that’s what I’d call a fashion-forward move.

Though her brand is still young, Lucilla is already enjoying the kind of career highlights that labels dream of – she’s been featured in several international magazines (including US Vogue), and, this year, designed a gown to be worn (by Signý Lemmon) at the Oscars. Big things…

Also, if my husband is reading this – the Solana Stud (small) in Bronze Tint, please?


Lucilla Gray Online Store  /  Lucilla Gray Instagram


Beautiful imagery with thanks to Nadine Ellen (< Insta) of Nadine Ellen & Tim Kelly (< main website)
Tim and Nadine are in-demand are wedding photographers, travelling throughout NZ and internationally.
I always feel lucky to have them shoot for The New when they’re back home in Wellington over winter.



This bedroom is giving me itchy paint trigger fingers, for a clay pink makeover.
See much more of this gorgeous, unique home over here

Stunning masculine bathroom – I love this grey on grey palette, and the steel-framed vanity is especially yummy.

Extra soft grey cabinetry looks so good with marble and honey-toned timber.  Tell me: if you have a bathroom with this kind of storage, do you end up collecting more clutter? I love the idea of a huge bathroom cabinet like this, but thinking about what’s behind all those doors literally stresses me out.

Well if that bathroom storage stressed me out… Actually I love these floor to ceiling cabinets – especially the ashy-blonde timber they’ve used, and those beautiful linear handles.

From the same home, this beautiful bathroom – and one of the best sinks I’ve seen in a while…

Told ya.

Beige is the new black. P.S: This is pretty much all IKEA
Love a sheer curtain for giving privacy, but still letting soft light into a room.

Yes, I’m jealous of your loft bedroom.

If you don’t have a lot of room for a workspace at yours, one of these String Shelving systems with a foldout table is an ideal solution. String is actually available in NZ, here.

Small idea to steal: this classy little black and white family gallery.

Hello, #softminimalism. Love the organic feel with lots of wood and muted tones tones.
Created by interior designer Susanne Swegen for IKEA.

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