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Love that reeded glass sconce and how it mirrors the drawer fronts. The very soft pink textured tiles are perfection, too.

Newness is from a long-time fave – Arent & Pyke deliver again with Lighthouse Apartment, a small harbourside home.
Photography by Felix Forest

I really do try each week to find you spaces that aren’t cookie cutter; spaces that are on-trend but not trendy; interiors that present new ideas. This home totally fits this multiple tick-box criteria. I know you probably scrolled by super fast, you got that muscled Instagram thumb. Created by Studio Ezra, whose work on this kitchen and bathroom you all really liked a few months back, too.

The expensive, elegant feel of that marble counter alongside the rusticity of that exposed brick – I DIE.
The lighting is by Menu, and is one of my personal faves –  the TR Bulb Suspension Frame.

I need one season of a good new Netflix show, a sheet mask, this bathroom, and a do not disturb sign.
Since we’re talking about Menu lighting, this is also on my Top 10 Lights I Love list, the Carrie LED in brushed brass.

A very beautiful new restaurant in Madrid, K&Co. I love the floor to ceiling curtains which provide privacy, softening the visual noise and bringing a more cozy touch to the minimal and industrial aesthetic.


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November Wishlist


Blacklist Twenty Nineteen Grey Linen Diary from Sunday Homestore – New Year come at me.

You can go out, I’m gunna put my feet up – Mustard Ottoman
(other great colours too!) from Blackbird Goods

Brie Leon Gold Necklace from Paper Plane

For the beach or my bathroom – Sand Stripe Towel from Sunday Homestore

New sustainably-made swimwear from Kowtow
– I love these simple high waisted bottoms, especially the ivy green

OK so the Avery Arch Queen Bedhead from A&C Homestore is extreeeemely beautiful

Level-up your morning muesli – Tortoiseshell Spoon from Sunday Homestore

For Spring salads – Deep bowl in pink eggshell by NZ ceramicist Kristen Dryburgh, from Precinct 35

Would love to makeover our lounge with the new Soho Sofa from Me & My Trend, especially this Tapenade colour



Love a non-matching matching chair situation, and a low-colour colour palette. The XL watercolour print is from Nynne Rosenvinge.

Vertical white-painted paneling clads the exterior wall of the second-floor bedroom, creating a house-within-a-house effect. The way it continues from the second floor down across the ceiling of the kitchen, and around the island is LEGIT.

Love the simplicity of the Baltic birch walls and kitchen unit

The Design Duo are Australian twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser. After winning The Block AU 2013, they quit the police force to go into business together as interior designers. They’re currently renovating a single victorian terrace in Melbourne’s Albert Park, and here are two of the bathrooms from the project. Master bathroom above, guest bathroom below. If you love a reno, you might enjoy their new video series, head here for all the short eps.


More Australian design talent (*rolls eyes right back off head*)… This is the home of young interior designer (and founder of her own practice Folk Studio), Mariah Burton. See more of Mariah’s own-home reno home here (and look out for the kitchen and laundry which Mariah created, appliances included, for under $6K!). Photography by Kerrie-Ann Jones for Real Living Magazine

Wowzers in my trousers. This teeny one bedroom worker’s cottage in Fitzroy (Melbourne’s first ever suburb) dates back to early Australian settlement and backs onto an historic bluestone church. It’s been transformed by the never-not-amazing Whiting Architects. Love seeing some New Zealand design (RD Sofa by Douglas and Bec) in the design.

Original brick floors *dies*

This bathroom wins my award for Most-Beautiful-Features-Per-Square-CM – so much to love in such a teeny space. The Moor St project is more than just beautiful interior design, there’s a very very special and innovative architectural aspect to it, too – check out this Dwell article to see more imagery and read about the second floor Whiting Architects created, and how.

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Ethics + Aesthetics (Abel Perfumes Giveaway)

When New Zealander Frances Shoemack moved with her husband to Amsterdam in 2011, she left her career as a winemaker behind and embarked on a new olfactory mission – to create the world’s best all-natural perfumes. Together with fellow New Zealander Isaac Sinclair (once behind the counter at Smith & Caughey’s on Queen Street, now one of the youngest master perfumers in the world, and the only recognised master perfumer from the Australasia region), Frances has spent years developing the Abel family of fragrances.

I need to tell you a little more about what makes Abel so special. When you spray that Duty Free perfume on your skin, you’re generally just spraying chemicals onto yourself, scents created in a lab. Abel perfumes are 100% natural. Every note in every Abel fragrance is distilled from a flower or plant.

When designing perfumes with natural isolates, the creative process is much more challenging, because naturals don’t act in a linear way. They’re alive, with a myriad of facets that evolve in the bottle and even more so on the skin. Abel’s Golden Neroli, for example (using real neroli extracted by steam from white orange blossom flowers – very rarely seen in modern perfumery) took Isaac over a thousand trials to perfect. Actually, interesting side story – Frances was pregnant at the time of developing this fragrance, and found she was attracted to neroli in an almost addiction-like way. After launching Golden Neroli, they noticed other pregnant women were drawn to it in a similar way. Turns out, neroli has a long history of use in reducing the symptoms associated with hormonal changes in women.

Did you know that synthetic musk, used in 99% of all perfumes (it’s a fixative and an overall fragrance enhancer) is widely acknowledged as toxic to humans and to the environment? Not. cool. Frances and Isaac have sourced a natural musk alternative, isolated from a seed inside hibiscus flowers. That’s only one of the many ethical choices Abel has made. Another is in their sourcing of sandalwood from sustainable East Indian plantations, which assists in the re-establishment of a sustainable eco-system in sandalwood’s native home. East Indian Sandalwood, like many essential-oil bearing plants, is a threatened species (due to decades of exploitation). The more you know, huh.

I first heard of Abel back in 2013 when Frances launched her first fragrance. Recently, I’ve been searching for a signature scent for myself, found myself seeking out Abel, and noticed the brand had had a complete re-design. I love that it’s world-class but designed by a New Zealander, I love the minimalist contemporary packaging, and I love something that doesn’t compromise on ethics or aesthetics. I was excited to see the Abel collection has now grown to seven fragrances, has been noticed by the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Monocle and Esquire, and has stockists throughout the world (including 15 stockists in New Zealand).

I’ve ordered one for myself, and after chatting with Frances, we’re giving you the chance to win an Abel Fragrance – of your choice.

Each fragrance in the collection is named after a natural note or accord – White Vetiver, Golden Neroli, Red Santal, Cobalt Amber, Grey Labdanum, and the newest fragrance, Green Cedar (< P.S: Click each of those links, and the fragrance notes will open for you in a new page. Or visit the Abel Instagram to see Highlights explaining each scent.)

The Abel philosophy is to find the purest, most exceptional version of that natural ingredient and build it up into a complex but harmonious, distinctive and long-lasting perfume. Described as a living fragrance, they evolve on your skin, working with your body’s own natural chemistry to create a unique scent that will continually evolve throughout the day.

Competition now closed, congrats to Samantha Evans!

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