Such a good name, that – Kept. For this new New Zealand brand, it’s a statement of intent.

Friends Justine, Jonathon and Brian are passionate about quality over quantity. Together as Kept, they aim to produce beautiful, handmade accessories that never go out of fashion. Justine, Jon and Brian design everything themselves, then partner with makers (all multi-generational family-run businesses) in Italy and Germany.

The Kept catalogue includes scarves – in pure linen, cashmere, silk or wool – and cashmere-lined leather gloves. It’s Amalfi Coast-level balmy today, so I chose a few vacay-relevant images from the Kept selection to share with you…

Follow Kept to see new accessories as they’re launched: Kept website  / Instagram  /  Facebook

Totora Scarf – 100% linen

Rosa Scarf – hand-woven blend of linen and cotton




Little Collins St. restaurant by Hecker Guthrie gives me a boner of the heart.
I especially love the textured, handcrafted white tiles, the brass wall lights, and the shaker-style white armchairs. Good design doesn’t date. Photography Shannon McGrath

Christmassy cute scenes in the home of Chelsea Bird– if you’re looking for some lovely weekend scrolling, go visit her lifestyle blog. P.S: The print is a personal all-time fave of mine by Anthony Burrill.

OK, now I’m just going to share about one million photos from Australian The Block royalty, Kyal and Kara. Fan faves on the show last year, the couple are now full-time renovators, and they share every stage of the transformations they do through their own website and social media.

I love love love Kara’s style – it’s the epitome of that contemporary coastal aesthetic that Australians do so well. (Still lightyears behind us in other ways though Aussie, so I’ma let you have interior design for now).
Anyway – heeeeeeey huge barn door with matte white hardware (available from here, btw) and heeeeeeey rattan rocker! P.S: Love that Eucalyptus green wall.

Their most recent renovation has a beautifully-designed kitchen. There’s those textured white tiles again, and hello rattan pantry door.  P.S: Kyal and Kara have a YouTube channel with reno episodes taking you through everything – worth an arvo watch.

The white custom cabinetry conceals the fridge, amongst other things.

I could move in here tomorrow.  Also, idea to steal: Woven rug on the wall as an art piece.

The chairs, for those who just need to know, are the Seed Flat Leather Dining Chair.

Super fresh with sandy tones and tasty texture.

You can get a full walk-through of this bedroom and the ensuite here.

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Flora + Foto

OMG guys, we have come a loooong way from the awkward family photos of the 80’s. Look at the masterpieces you can have now!

When I spotted the work of young New Zealand women Katie Barclay and Hannah Whitehead on the gram, I just had to share it with you. Together as Flora + Foto, they style the most INCRED natural backdrops and installations, and capture candid, special moments in life. I want a re-do of my wedding. I want to birth a baby.

Hannah and Katie are  childhood friends who lost touch then reconnected a couple of years ago, finding their lives were taking similar direction with marrying and having babies quite young, and both working in the creative field. Hannah has a background in graphic design and has been a photographer since the age of 15, developing it into a full-time job with loved NZ brand Jamie Kay over the last couple of years. Katie is a qualified event planner and stylist, who fell in love with florals, and now owns floral styling business Little Leaf Florals. I feel like I’ve said Florals too many times now.

They started Flora & Foto with the intention of it being just a hobby – something to keep the creative synapses firing while they were both off work on maternity leave; a chance to collaborate together. They’re making such magic – and having such an awesome time together in the process – that it’s now thriving as a business.

Flora + Foto are available to travel all over New Zealand, and offer editorial and product styling and photography.  You should most definitely book them.

Flora + Foto Instagram   /  Facebook

Oh my sweet lord, this arch/arbour

what is life though

Woodland magic

*Starts dreaming up an event to host just to get Katie to style it and Hannah to shoot it *

Always wear your wildflower crown

LOVE this Toi Toi backdrop. Flora + Foto run mini shoot days – creating a backdrop and shooting multiple people throughout the day – an affordable way for families/couples to get styled photos.

Product launch imagery created for Little Co – Images © Flora + Foto and Little Co



The Unmistakable Effect

Young New Zealander designer Sian Richardson was travelling around Canada for a summer, wondering what was next for her in life and work, when the idea for The Unmistakable Effect came to her. A magazine to, in her words, get people stoked on winning at their own game. As Sian says: “We spend way too much time thinking about what other people think of us, or living life a certain way because we think we should, or just because that’s how it’s always been done… when in reality we can – and should – do whatever the hell we want.” GURRRRRRRRL. Yes.

She launched into creating a magazine based on this philosophy, and in just over a year has put out fourteen digital issues of The Unmistakable Effect. Amazing how productive you can be when you lean in to your passion. Each issue runs to a theme – I’ll give you a couple examples: Issue 01, No Apologies, is about doing things on your terms and being ‘selfish’. Issue 07, Inspiration vs Imitation, talks to creatives about their own experiences with people ripping off their work, and how they approach inspiration. Every issue includes interviews with inspiring, trailblazing women from every sphere (not just the creative world), resource round-ups that relate to the theme, a regular column where Steph Jagger jams on people’s big life questions, and more.


The interviews in The Unmistakable Effect are with women from every sphere – Rachel Ricketts is a writer and grief coach with an online platform that supports people through loss

New Zealand amputee model and fitspo, Jess Quinn

Issue 12 brings together the entire founding vision of the magazine – Winning at Your Own Game
– for a special print edition. Sian enjoyed the process so much that The Unmistakable Effect will be a quarterly print magazine going forward.

The digital version of The Unmistakable Effect. All 14 past issues are available to buy here.

For Issue 12, Sian created a special print edition of the mag. She loved the process and result so much that The Unmistakable Effect will be, from now on, a quarterly print magazine (with a digital version still available each issue for you thumb-swipey types).

If you’re after some inspirational summer reading, all 14 digital back issues of The Unmistakable Effect are available to purchase (individually or bundle those babes) here.


The Unmistakable Effect website  /  Sian Richo Instagram




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