Happy Spaces, kids! Hope you had a great weekend. Let’s begin, shall we?

Loving sand tones currently and possibly also forever. This baben beige kitchen is by Swedish kitchen brand Marbodal, with styling by all-time fave Lotta Agaton.

More beige beauty in this tone-on-tone turn of the century apartment. This is a great palette to use with a minimal space, because even with the simplest of elements, it never looks cold or austere.

Beige marries dark timber, gets a hyphenated surname and becomes sophisticated.

I started today’s Spaces with the intention of only sharing beige spaces, but this home in Verona is fulfilling all my idyllic Italian sabbatical fantasies. Once a derelict barn, the designers stripped back the plaster, to find the most beautiful walls made from river stones. Those insane window frames are made from traditional Biancone marble. The designers also restored a large archway at the front of the house, framing the new entranceway. Inside, it’s the exhale of simple layered plywood and timber – a clean, modern contrast to all the organic texture and tradition of the exterior.

To see the rest of this home, head to the Studio Wok website

How did I only just discover celebrated interior designer Tom Delavan and his elegant, timeless work?


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Studio South

A twofer today with a duo of different projects by Auckland design practice Studio South.

Above, branding, stunning print collateral and a show suite for 246 Queen, a new development in CBD Auckland which will see architects Fearon Hay re-design and rejuvenate an iconic Queen Street building into a new high quality city landmark.

And below – I couldn’t not share Studio South’s new digs with you. Designed in collaboration with Rufus Knight, Sam and his team have repurposed an old warehouse in St Mary’s Bay into a versatile new space that includes a full photography studio, presentation room, social spaces and an open-air courtyard.

Photography by Simon Wilson




In Australia, doing well on The Block and then parlaying that into a career as a professional renovator/builder/interior designer is a totally legitimate move. It also doesn’t hurt if you’re both freakin’ HAWT, like Michael and Carlene Duffy. This is the bathroom in their most important reno project yet – their own home. And here’s another bathroom designed by the couple:

Definitely not just pretty faces.
(Click here to see more of these two homes and their other projects as Cedar & Suede)

If you came here today hoping for minimalist, layered white-on-white, Scandinavian realness, this is for you.
It’s the home of Instagram’s @whitelivingetc (< one to follow if you dig this aesthetic)

The small tree is totally in the way sitting there, you’re gunna need to move it to get past, but I love this bedroom.

I adore how this very white, bleached-out hallway contrasts with that beautiful bathroom, with its concrete floor and rendered walls. The weathered old timber stool is also the perfect touch.

Love how the cabinet has been painted the exact same shade as the wall.

They’re saying that the newest movement in interiors is a marriage of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. That’s cool and everything, but they’re calling it JAPANDI and I cannot. Anyway, this space is lovely, and I especially dig the utilitarian beauty of that open kitchen shelving on the right there.

More from the same home – which happens to belong to the very inspiring Swantje Hinrichsen, a graphic designer I’ve followed for years. The raw IKEA Malm drawers are forever iconic, and I love the gallery wall with the TV also used as a picture frame.

For a full home tour and interview with Swantje (Instagram @swantjeundfrieda), visit Femtastics

I especially love the shape of this and the exposed front, it feels like a nod to an apron-front sink, but in Italian stone. Let’s see a little more of this house, shall we?

The work of Belgian architects AM Design.

Just really loved this wall colour, and how it reads both olive and grey. A beautiful choice for a heritage home.

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Feb Wishlist


Half Moon Ceramic Tray by Rachel Saunders, from Fourth St
Blush Glass Jug (vintage) from Fourth St
Storm & India Detox Evening Tea from Tessuti
Best Basics – Oversized Tee in Cocoa (also comes in Olive and Ochre) by Alex & Corban
Bonin Pink Sand sunglasses from Wild Wagon
Soft Lines print by The Poster Club, from Paper Plane
Father Rabbit sofa blanket – reversible, olive and charcoal stripe



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